Monday, June 13, 2011

Spa Day

Over the weekend I had a chance to indulge in some spa treatments. No, I didn't get to go to a fancy salon but I was pampered and polished just the same. A woman from our church opened her home to the women of the church for a free Spa Day. There was the opportunity to use her inground swimming pool, the hot tub and to hike nature trails around her property. Unfortunatly, it rained so those options were out (unless you were really brave and no one was) so we spent the time indoors enjoying all of the indoor activities.

Wanda had her kitchen table set up as a hand treatment station. There were two paraffin wax warmers that gave you the most luxiourously soft hands. There were nail polishes, nail files, fingernail clippers, jewels for your nails and the list went on. I was so excited to paint my nails for the first time since Aubrey's delivery. (Literally, my polish was chipping off during my hospital stay.)

In the next room were two foot baths. She had them infront of the most plush chairs you could possibly imagine. I got to soak my feet and honestly, it's been awhile since they've felt this nice. There was another spot for face masks - complete with hairbands to hold back your hair from the mask. Wanda also had a large display of finger foods and all kinds of beverages. A lunch was served at 1 o'clock and later a devotion was shared. It was truly the most amazing day.

So why do I share this with you? Well, as I type, I have a green clay mask on my face hoping to draw out the impurities and give me some glowing skin in return. I share this post with you because truly, that spa day was such a treat for me. It got me thinking about how I can use my talents and gifts and opportunities to bless others. Wanda spent her day making sure that each woman was taking care of. She is a gentle woman who softly slipped about the house making sure utensils were sterilized, that drinks were poured and that everyone was having an amazing time. She used what she had to bless so many women from our church. As a new mom who rarely gets pampered and finds polished nails a luxury, that day was truly a gift. I'm left wondering how I can bless others.

I also got to thinking about my own body. How I'm caring for it, pampering it and treating it. A few years ago I worked in a nursing home. Every Thursday was my day off and every Thursday was my beauty day. I had the house to myself so I never felt silly in my green face mask. I always took time to polish my toes, give myself a manicure and treated myself well. When I look back at photos of that time, I always loved how I looked. These days, not so much. I'm on the bottom of my priority list and maybe sometimes, that's as it should be. I've got a baby to take care of you know. But I don't want to get lost in the shuffle. Years from now I don't want to look at myself and think how I've let myself go. Never.

So, I'm vowing to myself to make sure I take some time for me. I've begun eating right. I joined Weight Watchers five weeks ago and am right on target for my weightloss for an exclusive nursing mom. I've incorporated exercise into my life and yesterday I walked my first 5K. And now I'm starting to bring the beauty back to my life. As a mom, I've never missed a shower. Aubrey's always went in her swing and it's prime time for a nap for her. And, I've never not done my makeup or hair. I just wouldn't feel like me so I do take time for those things every day. But I want to make sure to keep my skin and nails nice. That may mean that the day gets started a little later while I wait for my clay mask to dry. And it may mean that I spend some money on quick drying nail polish but I want to make sure I take that time to pamper myself. I always feel a thousand times better when I do.

So all of this to say - where are you on your priority list? Where do you rank? If you find yourself at the bottom, take some time to think about how you can move yourself up. If you don't feel great about yourself, how can you make others feel great about themselves? Maybe you only have time to sit and think while you are driving to and from wherever you go - but take that drive to think. How can you treat yourself? Maybe it's a special coffee once a week at Starbucks. Or a new magazine and a bubble bath. Perhaps it's a good long walk by yourself - no one in tow. Or maybe it's a face mask and some nail polish. Whatever it is, do it. You'll feel so much better.

And if you have the resources to invite some women from your church into your home for a Spa Day, do it. You will bless some very happy souls.


Tracey said...

What a wonderful day you spent. How lucky to have such a blessed woman in your midst. I love that you've taken some time to make yourself a priority. We, as moms, always put ourselves last, when we really need to be at the top. If we as women can't feel good, all things around us fail...I too started a weight loss journey about 3 weeks ago and am down 5 1/2 pounds. I love my life and I think your on the right track to be the best mom, wife and woman you can be!!

Holly said...

Hi, Mandi!
Wanda sounds like a lovely woman; what a sweet thing she did for the rest of you!
I'm so glad to hear you're doing well and finding balance as a new mom.

Debra said...

What a nice day! You are right that we need to take time for ourselves. It's hard to do with our busy lives but a necessity. I am getting a pedicure on Friday. :)

Anonymous said...

that spa day sounds amazing! what a neat idea :) i'm not a mom yet, but i feel the same way as you. i don't want to let go of taking care of myself after we have babies. i want to be as healthy as i can so that i can be the best mom and wife that i can be :)

Alia said...


I am your follower!
Lucky you! I soooo want to go and get pampered at a spa!
I love your Blog.
Keep up the good work!

Do visit my blog too and follow it if you like it!

God Bless!


Tammy_Skipper said...

Love the idea of the rooms and themes...I was hoping to do a casual pedicure night for friends soon but I love the luxury of this idea, especially including a devotion!

Anonymous said...

What a fun spa day!
I came across your blog today via pinterest and have been reading old entries for an hour.
I am trying to create a household binder and think your printables are perfect! When I try to download them the site says I have to pay for a premium membership before I can download. I am not much of a computer person (hence the need to use your calendars/lists and not make my own!), I tried to click your email button but I don't have Outlook so I can't view your email button. AGH!
If you are able to help at all I would appreciate it tons!

Alexis said...

Hey, Mandi!! Missing your blog! Hope everything's okay!


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