Monday, June 30, 2008

Shooting and Such

I am going shooting this afternoon. Yeah, with a real gun. I'm not going to shoot anything living - that is so not me. We (Shane and I) are off to shoot clay pigeons. I'm pretty excited about it but not looking forward to the mosquito's and deer flys and what not. I'm too into hairspray and perfume and those little buggers love that stuff. I'm also not sure what I am going to wear. I'm sure my flip flops and white sneakers aren't going to do to well in the woods. I'm in need of some sort of boots or something to protect these tootsies of mine. My dear hubby is at home cleaning our house so that I can relax and feel ready to go. I had told him I wasn't going to go shooting because our house was too messy. He insisted we go and that he would clean. Who knows what will get done - but as I left he had successfully cleared off our dining table that he had set up as his "temporary office". I'm excited to see what else he will do.

I attempted to make iced coffee this morning. It was NOT a success. To coffee tasting and not enough sweet. I think I'll head over to to see if there are any yummy recipes floating around.

Tomorrow is Canada Day here. The same concept as Independence Day in the States. I have no idea how we are going to celebrate. I had visions of a barbeque complete with cute decorations. I had perfected the art of making potato and macoroni salad in anticipation. Was planning on a really good day with the family. But, everyone is going off to camp. Different camps. And it is just Shane and I. His mom is home but I think she works. I'm not looking forward to another day at home. Shane is a social bug so I'm sure he'll have something for us to do. I hope anyways...

Excited for coffee with Ashley this Thursday. Looking forward to a good week. Love ya! ~M

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Joy said...

Happy Canada day to you! It's so nice to read your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm happy that you enjoyed my bead board flag. I'm sure you could adapt the idea to make a Canadian flag---just turn the bead board vertical.


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