Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fall Giveaway

Hey gals! Thanks for letting me know if you could see my blog or not. A few people still can't and that is just so disapointing! I'm still working to see what the problem could be but if you are reading this then I guess that just doesn't apply to you! :)

My sister, Jenn over at Our Blessed Home, posted about this great giveaway today. She loves the 4 Reluctant Entertainers blog and they are having a giveaway today! I'm entering and so is Jenn. So pop on over to their blog and enter. Looks like a great giveaway. Also, head on over to my sisters site. She's one awesome woman and has some amazing ideas. She's just getting her feet wet into the blogging world but let me tell you, she's a total inspiration to me on so many levels. Go tell her hi!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Shane and I are going to dinner tonight with some family from down south so I'm pretty excited. The weather is GORGEOUS here. A total fall kind of day! Take care everyone. Much Love! ~ M

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The Browns said...

Thanks Mandi! I hope you enjoy your weekend and your night out.


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