Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Updates in Blog Land, My Life and a Contest

This weekend was incredibly busyand incredibly cold! And when I say cold, I mean bitterly cold. It's hovering around -30 Celcius...converted to Farenheit, that's -22. Yes. Bitter.

This weekend started out innocent. Very innocent. Shane and I went to a Christmas party at the home of my mum-in-law's best friend, Trina's house. Trina is so completely wonderful and if she had a blog, I'm sure you'd read her. She's funny, sweet, unassuming and has an incredible way of making a home truly feel like home. She decorates with thrifty finds but transforms them into amazing things. For instance, she got her bathroom sink from a Habitat for Humanity restore for $7 - and the base for it she made out of an old stereo cabinent. You'd never know! She's amazing. So she was having me and Shane and his family over for a little festive get together. As we were heading over around 7:30, Shane's mum called to tell us she wouldn't be making it bc she had to go to emerg with Shane's grandparents. To make a long story short, his grandfather ended up having emergency surgery the next morning on his abdomen and his grandmas was admitted for her heart. In seperate hospitals. So as if that wasn't enough, yesterday morning Shane's parents awoke to over 2 inches of water in the basement of their home. Keep in mind, the basement is where three bedrooms are, a laundry room, a bathroom and a workshop. Thankfully, not much was entirely ruined - except the carpets and a few things. It was quiet a mess though and we all wish it had never happened. The real lesson is my mum-in-laws attitude. Absolutely amazing! This whole weekend was one giant sort of mess and she had the most positive, friendly, giving, sweet attitude. I'd be falling apart but she kept her nose to the grindestone and was so wonderful throughout it all. A true lesson was learned - for me.

I taught my last Sunday School lesson for the term. We have three weeks off to enjoy the holidays. We come back in January to start a new course. The girls seem really excited so that just gets me excited to teach. Also on Sunday, Shane's sisters, Anne and Sarah came over and we got to work doing some baking! We made chex mix, Peppermint bark (my specialty), Ina Garten Jam Thumbprints, and Candy Cane cookies. I still need to whip up some of my mom's Soft Molasses cookies and another batch of the thumbprints - and my grandma's butter cookies. I better get to work!

So, today I just wanted to give a few quick updates. Tell you a few things and then I'm off to catch up on some blog reading!

I've entered my home decor over at Boo Mama's. I was number 755. Wow. I've got a lot of reading to do! Actually, this past summer, Shanes sisters, mom and I were anxiously waiting for this day because we wanted to look at all the homes. We planned on having hot chocolate and touring the homes via the Wii that is set up to the family room TV. Now that is the way to surf the net!

I also posted my Christmas balls over at Kimbas. Be sure to check her site out for all kinds of fun Christmas posts. Can't wait!

I wanted to share about this contest over at Fabulous K Creative designs. It's for a blog makeover. And with all my heart, I want to win. I'd love to have my own fun blog look but have yet to find the company that I truly love. This one has my name written all over it. I so am saying a prayer that I win. Do you want a chance? Pop on over to check it out!

And lastly, I had a few questions on how to make the paper Christmas tree as well as for a tutorial on how to do some Christmas balls. I will try to post those tutorials asap. Perhaps by this weekend. They are really simple and quick to do so you will have time by Christmas.

I hope everyone has a great evening. I'm hoping to either look at some blogs with my family or I'll be home alone watching The Santa Clause 2. Shane works late again. Love ya'll! - Mandi


Shannon said...

Oh my! Your mother in law has been very busy! A good attitude and fresh perspective is so contagious!

Mandi said...

Hate to hear all that about your family. I'm glad though, that you have a MIL that can teach you such great life lessons. I know I could learn a few! Also, my hubby must be holding out on me. I had no idea you could look at the internet via the Wii. Looking forward to those tutorials!

the undomesticated wife said...

That really stinks about the water in the basement! and his grandfather's surgery...I hope all is ok.

I'm glad to see you around!

Maggie May said...

your blog is very pretty! i found you stumbling around the blogs, and enjoyed browsing :) i love your craft ideas...Christmas is my favorite holiday...and i love decorating for my family!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

OK, I am a sucker for Christmas movies and now I am in the mood to watch Santa Claus 2. :) Did you see Santa Claus 3 though? I actually made my husband go with me to watch it in the theater. Bad idea! But the first two were so cute.
P.S. Stay WARM!!!


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