Friday, January 09, 2009

Setting Myself Up For Success

Well, I am five days into Weight Watchers.

I'm still alive. And un-hunger deprived. For the most part anyways. I think I need to eat some more fiber-rich foods to stave off hunger after those puffed rice cakes and half full of water clementines loose their effectiveness. But other than that, things have been going pretty well. Here's how I've sort of set myself up for success during this weight loss joureny.

1. Hubby and I did a big grocery shopping day the day before. I purchased all kinds of fruits and veggies - even some things that I normally wouldn't eat this time of season (like blueberries and cherries) to throw into smoothies or just as a sweet little treat. I bought different flavors of rice cakes (because I happen to really love them) in sweet and salty and spicy flavors. I figured that it will be better than reaching for a bag of chips. We also DIDN'T buy ice cream or chips or things that would really make me tempted. Though with WW you can eat whatever you want, I guess I don't want to waste my points on too many things that are bad for me. And besides, if the temptation isn't there, it won't be so hard to stay away.

2. I chip chopped up my veggies and some fruits to get them ready for snacking. I tend to be that type of person who will wait until I'm way hungry to eat. Usually the thought of getting out my salad spinner, chopping the lettuce and then washing it to make a salad is too involved for me when I just want to eat lunch. I would then go for something not as healthy. So, I chopped and washed my lettuce and placed it in a beautiful white bowl. I cut up carrot sticks and placed them in another pretty bowl. I peeled a grapefruit into sections. The cauliflower got itself it's own blue bowl. I got out my mini-food processor and chopped up an onion. (I love onion in a salad!) I basically prepped my food so that it was ready when I was.

3. I made three batches of WW muffins. There was a lemon flavor, a mixed berry (that's where some blueberries came in and a squashed banana) and a chocolate flavor. Now, the muffins are nothing at all to write home about. Puh leaze. Not that great at all. But, it is nice to know that they are there. Only 2 points. And a baked "treat". I can trick myself. :) I left some out and wrapped the others individually and placed in a freezer bag to wait for me in the future in the freezer.

4. I plan ahead for meal time. If I didn't, I'd definatly be grabbing whatever was convenient. I have to think about what I will have for lunch. What is going to fill me up and my darling hubby for dinner. I am keeping a 100 calorie granola bar in my purse incase I am out and blood sugars drop. Normally I would have just bought a candy bar. I still would like to buy a water bottle to keep fresh water with me always. Must remember to do that.

5. I have two pitchers of water going on in my fridge. One is our Brita. It's full and ready with cold water. The other is a beautiful glass pitcher with peices of cut lemon in it. (Washed first of course.) That lemon water tastes so good.

6. I keep a points slider and my WW food booklet thing in my purse so that if I am at someones house, I can still keep track of points and stay on track. (That really is my purse! A Vera Bradley in Mod Floral Pink. A Christmas gift from my mom. I literally screamed!!!)

7. I have found a website that breaks down points values of your favorite restarants and coffee shops. I am writing down the places I go to often, the points of food items I like and those that are of a lower point value for myself. At our favorite coffee places (Tim Horton's and Starbucks) I am also doing the same thing. Making sure that I get the lightest version of a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino as possible - but also the points of it when I do want that whipped cream.

So there are just a few of the ways I am setting myself up for success. I've still got Pepsi in my fridge. A can is three points and I refuse to give it up. Not yet anyways...though I haven't drank one since starting WW. I'm trying to keep the bulk of my flex points for the weekend as we like to watch movies or eat pizza during the weekend. Things are more lax. I'm encouraged when I open my fridge to see my pretty water and the nice bowls with good things waiting for me. It just makes this process a bit easier.

So what are you doing to set yourself up for success as far as your goals and resolutions are concerned?


Tracey said...

Hi Mandi, I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog. I am glad that we can get to blog together, you can keep me posted on Canada and let me know how things are up there. I am tyring to start the Alli plan. so far it's been okay, but I need to really start to exercise. I have tried to get motivated, but it;s really hard to do. I use to way less and I'm finding it hard to get myself back in the swing of things. Good Luck in your new weight loss venture and hope all goes well.. Tracey

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

This is so good to read girl! I have been researching WW a lot lately for when I am done being pregnant. I really need the accountability of the points, I think, and yet still being able to eat what I want when I want it. These are great tips. We will have to chat more and share new tips once I am into it too! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work girlie! Keep it up! If you ever need some super healthy, but yummy recipes drop me a line!

Oh BTW I'm super jealous of your new purse! I was just in my local Vera Bradley store the other day and I was dying to buy a new bag! Oh I'll just have to live vicariously through you!

Mary said...

Sounds like you are on track! Send the muffin recipe. Love you, mom

The Browns said...

Everything sounds so nice. I wish I had the time to get everything ready like that so I could eat as healthy! I'm a lot like you... I grab whatever is convenient even if it's not the best for me.

Good luck on WW! I know you can do this. Please blog your success.

Tonya said...

Good work girlie! Sounds like you're super motivated and ready to go!

I did WW before I got pregnant w/Eli and found a few tricks that worked well for me. Since I already had Emma and had foods in the house that were easy for her, like crackers and such, I portioned them out into snack size baggies, put the baggies back in the box and wrote the point value on the box so I'd know what grabbing a bag would cost me. I also switched to diet points/can vs 3 points/can! I tried to write everything down before I ate it so I could visually see how many points a meal was going to be. If I wasn't willing to use that many points, I'd change my "menu" up a bit.

I'm starting a weight-loss/accountibality group thing w/a group of my girlfriends tonight! I've gained about 15lbs since horrible is that! I know it's from the funk I got myself into w/the beginning of homeschooling. UGH!!!

I'll be praying for ya sister!


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