Friday, February 06, 2009

Scrap Happy


I'm reposting these mini-albums for Kimba's DIY day. I realize that there is no tutorial, but they are so easy. Email me if you want the instructions!


Gosh, it's almost been a week since my last post! Shoot, I'm a bad blogger. Well, the truth behind why I've been MIA has to do with the fact that my darling hubby's carpool buddy was sick most of the week so that meant the Shane drove to work leaving me stranded. No computer at home means no bloggin'. You know the drill.

Some of you asked how my scrapbooking class went. Well, first let me set the scene a bit for you. Our church held a giant Super Bowl party on Sunday. They had a 10 foot screen set up in the gym with oodles of food and prizes and such. But for those who weren't interested in the game, they had other options. There was a concert/sing-a-long in the sanctuary, a spa thing going on with foot massages and foot baths and such, a coffee bar, programs for the little kiddos, XBox tournaments and then I had the pleasure of hosting something for the teenage girls. They ranged in ages from Junior High up to Senior High. Quiet an age range! I opted to do a scrapbooking event bc honestly, that's what I do on Super Bowl night. I'm usually in view of the tv though. :) I hosted the event for about three hours. Mostly junior highers were there. They were messy and crazy and fully of nutso ideas but all in all, it was a good event. We had chocolate fondue and scrapped our hearts out. I'd show you my layout but I'm not quiet done with it yet. It needs some embellishments and I am super short on supply right now.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you what I've been working on since last night. 3x3 mini-albums!

I grabbed my supplies last night and went to town. Here are the three I've done so far.

This one I had originally made to put my wedding photos into and keep in my purse. Now I just may do it with the last album I made. I'm not sure yet!

And finally...this one has yet to be embellished.

Haha, oh! And here is my outfit that I wore Super Bowl Sunday. I'm showin' off my black and gold pride minus having a jersey. I even wore matching bright yellow high heels. :)


Stephanie said...

Loving the albums - they look great!
Stinks not to have a computer at home.. I feel part of your pain by having to deal with dial up for sooo long! ugh.
AND way to show team spirit with your outfit - fun times!

Holly said...

Those little albums are so cute! I stopped scrapbooking a long time ago, even before there was all the cute stuff there is now.

The Browns said...

The albums look really great! I can't wait to see what you end up putting in them.

Nice outfit too. I'm glad you had the right colors on for the Super Bowl. It looks like you've been losing weight. Keep up the good work!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the albums! How cute! And your Superbowl outfit was adorable as well! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini albums! I can't wait to see the finished products! You are adorable! I love your outfit!


Tracey said...

Mandi..first what a great night you must have had.. all those! It's quite a gift to be able to mentor a group like that. Congrats! I also love your scrapbooks and they all look great. Would love to know how you make them.. and last I am so jealous you have yellow high heels..I think it's the one color I don't have. You look great and the top just finishes your Pittsburgh Pride.

the undomesticated wife said...

I love your mini albums! They are fun because they are usually pretty quick and easy to do. And for some reason, I love holding smaller books in my hands instead of the godzilla sized ones. :) Small ones are so personal and intimate.

bec4 said...

I love these little albums--they would be great little gifts. Cute outfit and I guess congrats on your team winning.

Ronnica said...

Those are cute...and so is that outfit (even if it is Steeler colors!).

AmyKristen said...

You MADE those?!?!? Wow! I'm impressed! You're too cute! Thanks for your sweet comment. I look forward to reading more of you blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Girl I LOVE THE "First Kiss" idea that you left on my blog! That is such a great idea! THANKS!!! Wedding season is quickly approaching..I'm totally using that idea!

Jessica said...

Those are gorg! You need to sell them!!!!!

Genevieve said...

We need to chat via our cells, I wanna learn how to make those books!

And God knows...ur the queen. ;)


Mandi said...

Mandi you are just so stinkin' talented and cute to boot! I love the Steelers colors. You pulled it off well.
You are gonna have to do a tutorial on those little books. I need to make one of those!

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