Friday, February 20, 2009


Girls, I've officially went down a pants size!

I'll let you all take a moment to cheer, grab your nearest loved one, give them a giant kiss, and say "Hallelujiah!" That's what I did anyways!

The other night I went out to buy some new jeans. Been needing them for some time and the store I wanted to snag (as in buying and getting a great deal - not a five finger discount snag) them from was having a great sale: Buy one get one 50% off. So, I went.

I grabbed my current...or so I thought current...size and a size smaller. I grabbed four pairs of jeans. Tried the larger size on first. Fit. A bit loose though. I was kind of disapointed bc I don't have oodles of money to be throwing around on jeans that are a little too large...especially when I know I'm on a weight reduction plan. So, I decided to try the size smaller jeans on.

And as I slid my much more svelt legs into the jeans and then fastened the button, I threw my arms up into the air, shouted a giant, but silent, "YYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!" and did a little dance. I was so excited!!!!!

I got my two pairs of jeans and as a treat to myself, I also snagged (again, bought) some jewlery. They were having a buy one get one free sale so I bought four peices of jewls.

I was and am so incredibly excited! I feel like all of this hard work has paid off. I'm so thankful and dare I say it, proud of myself. Thanks ya'll for your encouragement during this whole weight loss thing. Here's to the next size falling off this ol' body!!

And on one final note - I was a little nervous that perhaps that jeans were just cut larger...ya know, some stores run a little smaller, some a little larger. Well, I went home and tried on two pairs of pants that I'd pretty much grown right on out of. FIT! So, essentially, I got four pairs of pants that night.


The Browns said...

Congratulations! All that hard work has paid off. Keep "shredding!"

Mandi said...

I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work. I just bet you look fabulous in those jeans!

Jennifer said...

That is the greatest feeling ever!!! Congrats on being down a whole pant size. And your new accessories are absolutely fabulous. SO envious of your fun finds!!!! (o: I Love jewlery!

SILVIA said...

i think i know where the jeans came from, reitmans store? ,they have best jeans ever and they fit very confortably,great prices too!...welcome to canada girl....hope you dont mind me here...thanks..silvia.


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