Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kitchen Updates

I finally did it. I mistreated! Not someone else, but my windows. Nester coined the phrase, the idea and the tutorials. Go here to see her in action.

But for now, here is my before. Please excuse the dishes. At least they're clean.

And here is the after. They work for me now until I happen to get another fabric or what not. The fabric is actually two tabbed curtain panels, pinned, tucked, folded and flipped to make my new mistreatments.

It took my hubby two days to finally realize.

The other day I did one giant deep clean of my kitchen. I emptied the fridge and freezer. Wiped them both out. Spit spot. I tossed old food and organized everything nicely. So far it's been four days and it's all still orderly and nice. I like it that way.

I scooped up some organice kitchen cleaner and scrubbed my counters. I emptied them of all my containers and such and cleaned away. I Fly Lady'd my sink until it sparkeled. If you have not yet done this, may I highly encourage you?

I added some items to the top of my fridge. [Sorry for the not so hot photo. My camarea immediatly died after I took it.]

Yesterday my husband said the kitchen looked phenominal. That really meant a lot to me. Remember, it took him two days to notice I had mistreated my windows.

On a super sad note, I lost a follower. :( Sorry former follower. That really is a rough thing to take!


Anonymous said...

YOUR KITCHEN LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!! You are inspiring me to get off my butt and go clean my kitchen like crazy! I love the "mis-treatments!".. isn't the Nester amazing?! And so are YOU! Good work!

Lucy Marie said...

Wow! It looks fantastic. You have inspired me to do some major deep cleaning in my kitchen. And I love the mistreatment, you are so creative!

On another note, I will definitely let you know how The Love Dare goes if we end up getting the book.

Rona's Home Page said...

I really like the curtains and the way you've hung them.
It's great to have a clean kitchen.
I had our housekeeper come by last Monday to do some deep cleaning. I usually just keep up with the surface stuff.

Stephanie said...

Good job Mandi!!! Nothing like a good deep clean to make it feel like spring :P
Love the window treatments - how fun are those?! I love that it took your husband 2 days tho, that is hilarious. Men are special, we all know it!

Jennifer said...

Don't be gained a follower today!(me)

Jessica said...

Love your window mistreatment! I wish I had a window in my kitchen that I could mistreat! (the joys of living in an apartment) About a month ago I did a major overhaul of our pantry and fridge/freezer! It was some work but I must say it is SO nice that everything is in its "spot" I LOVE organization!

So sad about the follower! I lost one a few weeks ago as well. :(

Holly said...

The window looks fab! Great job (and I envy you your clean kitchen).

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Your mistreatments look fab! It only took your hubby 2 days to notice? I'd say that's pretty good in my book. Fresh hi-lights and haircut have been known to go unnoticed for many many days around here! Men really are "special".


Mary said...

The window looks terrific! I love that huge window looking out onto your yard; wish we were there!

The Browns said...

I love those kitchen "mistreatments" (if I'm using that term correctly). What a great idea.

I really liked the pictures of your kitchen. It made me want to come and see you again in Canada.

Chris said...

WOAH! What a transformation! You did a great job!

the undomesticated wife said...

Girl, your curtains look awesome! I have to laugh at your hubby not noticing for days..mine's like that too.

It is sad to lose a follower! It's like someone breaking up with you!

Small House said...

Your window looks wonderful!
And so does the top of your fridge.

I've been thinking about my kitchen curtains, and I think they need a change.

Have a good day.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Great window treatment!!

I love the Flylady. Honestly, she saved me. I came to my marriage with absolutely no "domestic skills". The idea of following a schedule, shining my sink etc. was foreign to me and I was truly lost until I found her!!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Don't stress about the followers girl!! Usually when someone adds your site to their links, they will remove themselves as your follower. I do that when I add sites to my blog roll! Don't worry!
:) And I LOVE the window treatment! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you've got the Spring cleaning bug! Hope it's contagious, because my home could do with a really good thorough clean too!!! :)

Cute window treatments too - I love the colours. You've definitely been blessed with a lot of creative spirit :D

Anonymous said...

OOO love the kitchen updates! you always inspire me to follow suit!

Martha said...

Your kitchen looks great!
Hey Mandi, send me an email with your address so i can send you an extra candle holder I have here! So you can make the project! I don't need it so I want to give it to you! :)

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Hi, Cutie Pie!
Love your pretty new mistreatment - the kitchen looks great!

Thanks for checking on me the other day. :) You're so sweet!

Jill at Woodsy Ivy said...

Cute, cute! Love the mistreatment! I've been wanting to try "mistreating" but haven't gotten up the nerve yet. Yours looks great!

Amanda said...

The mistreatment looks great! And I love to "fly lady" my sink, too. It makes such a difference! Thanks for sharing!

Tonya said...

Cute mistreatments! I've been needing to mistreat my bedroom windows but have no clue what I want to do.

Mandi said...

Hey friend! I am finally catching up on some blogging and have just got to see what you have been up to. You did Nester proud with that mistreatment, it looks really great. And don't you just LOVE the whole flylady thing? I am working on a control journal. Gonna go see what else you've been up to!

Ronald said...


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