Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My New Look!

Welcome to the new Miss[es] Canadian Pie!

I am so excited over my new blog makeover! They oh so talented Mandy from Shabby Pumpkin created this for me. She has worked with me for awhile now to create this 'Mandi-fied' space in my neck of the blogging woods. Gals, I cannot say enough good about her. She wanted me to love my design and she did everything to make that possible. Even after I changed my mind what seems like a million times, her patience and total commitment to creating my design paid off. She's such a doll and I would recommend her whole heartedly to anyone who is looking for a new look for your blog.

But, it doesn't stop there! She does digital cards and photography too! Check out her new website for all the juicy details. And some of you may want to head over there now because it looks like a couple of you have won her giveaway!!

Mandy is great ya'll. So sweet and just a total peach. Please keep her in mind when you are thinking of sprucing up your bloggy look. And isn't Shabby Pumpkin just the cutest name?

And don't forget to grab a Miss[es] Canadian Pie button. Gosh, I have a button!


Martha said...

Hi Mandi!

Your blog is beautiful! You cant go wrong with pink and brown! I just won a makeover from Shabby Pumpkin! Thanks a lot for letting me know about Shabby Pumpkin!

Tracey said...

Love the look and your picture is great... it's always fun to tweek the blogs and get exactly what you want.. she did a great job!

Lucy Marie said...

I love the new look. It is fantastic!

Jessica said...

Your blog looks GREAT!! I love it and cant wait to add your button!!

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Oh my goodness! Your blog is fantastic!! I don't think that I have seen anything like it before. You are really going to stand out...in a good way, of course!!

My goodness you are one pretty girl!! :o)

Kathy Butryn said...

Love it, Love it, Love it! So creative! You are inspiring!!!! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. GOSH! I love your "new look!" It is truly wonderful!

Stephanie said...

LOVE IT!!!!! Lucky you. I am envious of your button, can't wait to add it to my page!

Ruby said...

Love the look of your new blog Mandi, it looks terrific! LOVE the header!

The Browns said...

I love the new blog design. It's very YOU. She did a really good job.

I'm grabbing your button!

Tonya said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! Your new blog look is rockin'! Guess what...I won one of Mandy's blog makeovers! I'm so stinkin' excited!!! Hopefully mine's as cute as yours! ;)

How have you been? Things in our home/life have been super crazy! Monday was the first evening in a little over 2 months where all of us were home together...isn't that crazy! Hope you're doing well!

love ya friend,

the undomesticated wife said...

Looks wonderful!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Very tressssssss chic. cherry

Barb said...

Hi Mandi ~ I snagged your button and added it to my sidebar...thank you, getting to your blog will be quick now :>)!! Your new blog look is wonderful, I just purchased a purse that is the pinks and browns, like a Vera Bradley purse but actually a knockoff...COOL COLORS! I think I need a button ;>D!

Small House said...

Great new look!

And I've enjoyed reading the past posts that I've missed. Darn, I've been busy.

Everything is so cute!
Have a great day.

Mandi said...

Hey girl! Sorry I missed your past couple posts. WE have been travelling, but I am caught up now. The new look is FABULOUS!That must be one talented friend b/c she really gets you. The blog looks beautiful, and fun, and fresh. LOVE it!


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