Friday, March 20, 2009

Pot and Pan Storage Solution

Have you ever wrestled with your pots and pans and all of those pesky lids? I used to and then I did this to my cupboard.

I put in a large wire shelf that my mum-in-law was going to toss out. On top of it, I placed my three nesting colanders and my large stockpot. In the front of my cupboard, I have my pots stacked in graduated heights. Next to them comes my skillets and saute pans. I keep the handles pointed towards the center of the cupboard. It makes for easy grabbing.

Underneath of the shelf, I placed my roasting pan. Inside of the pan I put all of my pot lids. They nesteled into each other well and I was able to make two stacks of them.

Wondering what that blue thing is? That's my plastic, folding steamer basket that I got from the grocery store for $1.96.

To the side of the cupboard, I have my two stoneware Pampered Chef pieces. Quiet frankly, I hate these two things and dread using them. They are heavy, clunky and though they do bake your food well, the hastle of them is more than I care to deal with. I love Pampered Chef but I regret buying those pieces of bakeware. Don't worry, they aren't dirty...merely "seasoned".

On the bottom shelf, I keep my appliances. I have a mini-chopper, my blender, deep fryer, sandwich maker, our toaster, tiny coffee pot (isn't it so little and cute?) and our crock pot. I keep everybody lined up and it makes life way easier for me.

So that's some of my storage solutions. I hope to grab a couple more of those wire shelves at Walmart this weekend. My glass baking dishes and platters could use them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Jessica said...

I just organized my pots and pans too! But no matter how many ties I organize them they are a mess as soon as my husband gets in there

Mandi said...

Look at you and your fabulous organizing. I love it when all my pots are convenient and easy to get to. I also have that baking stone, or whatever you call it, and I feel the exact same way about mine. Oh well, we live and learn.

Jessica said...

I just organized my pots and pans as well haha It must be in the water! :) I feel soooo much more organized now!

Stephanie said...

I love a good organizing day... brings tears to my tired eyes to see happy goodness in cupboards!

Tracey said...

Hey Mandy,, you sound like me. I have a tiny little farmhouse. Farmhouses this old are notorious for having little to no stoarge solutions. I've struggled for 20 years to gain some cupboard space. No luck. I have pared down, use a hutch in my living room and added bookselves above my windows for cookbooks. Keep coming up with these great ideas.. love them.. Have a great day..blessings to you my north country friend..Tracey

Lucy Marie said...

Wow. That organization looks great. I'm forever struggling with my pots and pans so I'll have to try something like this. Funny that you don't like your Pampered Chef stoneware pieces because I cook everything and anything on mine whenever I get the chance. I love them!

Rona's Home Page said...

Your organization project looks terrific.
I'm afraid to say that we certainly wouldn't keep it that way.
Too many cooks in the kitchen at my house.


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