Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kitchen Organization : A Mini-Series

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Summer is just whizzing by. Sometimes I literally have to stop and remind myself that we are mid-July. Funny thing - I thought that I would be yard saling and doing projects like a mad woman, but I haven't been. I've really found myself indoors avoiding the rain or in my kitchen cooking.

Cooking in summer? Well, I think I forgot to tell you that I had a bit of a domestic-diva "business" going for myself. I was making lunches for some of my hubby's co-workers. So, each night, there I was making anything but sandwhiches. I was putting together meals of ribs, summer salads, and lots of desserts. Unfortunatly, my job abruptly ended this Monday as every guy I made lunches for was fired! Can you believe it? I'm actually spending the last of my "paycheck" today on picture frames to hang in my hall. Sometimes being domestic pays off!

All of that to say, I've been spending so much time in my kitchen. I've really been getting a feel for what I love...and loathe...about my space. Thankfully there aren't to many things that I don't care for when it comes to my kitchen. Not having a dishwasher would be at the top of the heap though.

As I washed yet another dish (cooking for five guys can produce quiet a few!), an idea came to me.

Why not do a little blogging series on kitchen organization?

What do you think?

After organizing a few kitchens, I've got a few ideas that can maybe help you out in organizing your space. I'd like to share some ideas, tips, photos and how-to's on keeping the heart of your home in tip-top working order.

So let me know what you think. Anyone interested in this "mini-series"? Or are you all organized up? Are there any spots in your kitchen that are a nightmare for you? Let me know!


Barb said...

Oh my am I ready...oh yes I need it! Well my kitchen needs it, maybe I will be more inclined to do something fun in my kitchen with some organization ☺!! Tips will be good..go for it Mandi! Have a great day tomorrow and a wonderful weekend coming up!

Tracey said...

Mandi, I think it would be great. My kitchen is ready for an overhaul so any idea's would be helpful. I'm thinking new color, new organization containers and just a good clean up. So, I'm ready to learn!

the undomesticated wife said...

That sounds like a fun idea! I'll be looking forward to it.

That's too bad about the guys getting fired (for them and you). Sounds like that was a cool little business you had going!

Chris said...

I would never turn down an organization post! I welcome them with open arms!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

It will be a fun series to read! I am all about organization! :)

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Sounds it! I love all things organized related, and this mini series sounds great.


Michelle said...

Sounds great...looking forward to it!

Enjoy your weekend :)


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