Friday, July 10, 2009


Recently, I won a couple of giveaways in bloggy land. Let me tell you, when you find out your name has been drawn, there is a rush of excitement that just comes over you....or at least it did for me! I'd like to show you the gifts that I recieved.

First up is a sweet frame from Jessica at The Russo Corner. Her son had a birthday and in honor of his special day, Jessica made this frame. My name was drawn as the winner. It couldn't be anymore perfect. I love cake!! In fact, when anyone I know is having a birthday, I always say to them "Enjoy lots of cake!" My hope is to make a gift wrapping center/area in my laundry room and I want to put this frame there. How appropriate! Jessica also has an etsy shop. I would HIGHLY recommend her. She really took care of every detail when it came to the packaging and presentation of this frame. Oh! And one more thing. Check out the photos from her sons birthday party. You will not believe what this gal can do!

[Sorry for the dark photos!]

Next, I won these numbered balls from Holly at Homebody. I was so excited to get these cute things. I currently have them displayed in a mason jar on my end table. Holly also made me this darling pillow too! If I'm not mistaken, the bird fabric is from that shower curtain that was from Target that everyone seemed to love so much. Me included!! The pillow really adds a spark to my beige couches and their white pillows. Love!

I added a couple things to my living room too. I put some artwork up around my bookshelf. Funny thing...I've already added something else since taking this photo yesterday. It's a tiny metal sign that says "Cabin". I have it above the "Joy" wall sign.

I also bought this willow tree while antiquing with my Mom and sister Jenn. While it's not an antique, I have wanted one of these trees for a few years now. Finding it for $10 was right up my ally! And I definatly couldn't resist all of the little stars cascading down it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have a wedding to go to tomorrow. A friend of Shane's is getting married. He was actually in our wedding. When I lived in Canada a few years ago, this guy became like a big little brother to me. Big because he's tall...we used to call him "House" and little because he's younger than me. Big Little Brother.


Lucy Marie said...

Love all those goodies. The willow tree is very nice ... I've had my eye on those lately too.

the undomesticated wife said...

Lucky you on the winnings!

that tree is cute!

Stephanie said...

Can you send a bit of that good luck MY way please?!?!

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

How fun that you won such cute stuff! I still haven't won a giveaway yet - but I keep trying!

Holly said...

I'm glad you like the is in fact fabric from the shower curtain!
I really like the number balls displayed in the mason jar.

Tracey said...

You've really done a great job in your home. I can't believe you won all that stuff.. Lucky girl! Sounds like you've been busy. Have a great day on Saturday and hope the weather is good.


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