Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Fall Decorations

I've spent the past couple of nights decorating my home for my most favorite season, Fall. We've been experiencing some sweater weather here - in fact, they were calling for sleet on Tuesday. As if! I'm not ready for the white stuff but certainly bring on the red and orange leaves!

Here are some photos of my decor. I really apologize for the color quality of the photos. My house was unusually dark today and my camera left a number of the photos fuzzy. Again, totally apologize!

The front entrance way. I removed the boots and added a giant crock. It holds loose shoes that haven't yet made it back to the closet. The dogs kept knocking down the pretty barn boots.

My dad made me this bench two Christmases ago. He had painted it a lovely shade of red but in transit, the paint had faded so I opted to paint it a lovely shade of black this week.

This little corner in my dining room is something new I decorated this week. I resurfaced this chalkboard from my childhood. Need to get some chalk to write some inspirational messages. I'm maybe thinking of hanging a wreathe over it too. We'll see!

These little pumpkins came from Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful. I won them for a giveaway she was doing. I was soooo excited! I love white pumpkins. They work perfectly on my $3 plate rack.

Some fall stuff in my Ikea enamal pitcher.

I collect fruit jars. Here are a few of my Ball jars and Crown jars. Thinking that they are a bit too "light" for the season, but I love to look at them.

My favorite corner in my living room.

More living room.

I snagged all of these white faux pumpkins at Michael's last year for 90% off!! 90%!! They were originally $16.99. I bought six or so. You do the math. :) Cheap! I love them because I don't have to worry with my wild dogs around them.

My shelves. I love to display my goodies on these babies.

The white thing is a door from Ikea. It was in their "damaged" section for $5. I plan on hanging it on the wall later. I'm not sure what I will put on it but for now I have a little crow plate taped to it with some green painters tape. I purchased the lamp at a yardsale for $2. It was brass but I painted it with my trusty black spray paint. I recovered the shade as well. I didn't do too great of a job but at least it's done. :)

I didn't so much care for the leaves in all of my vases but love them in the photos. They really seem to pop to me!

There are some more little decorations around my house. I will take some photos as things start to take shape with them. Have you started your decorating yet?


Tracey said... your decorations. I really need to get my fall items out and up! I love what you have done and your home looks so cozy!!

Sherri S said...

Love all of your Fall goodies! I have an old childhood rocker JUST like yours! I need a pumpkin to go in it now. LOL

Susan S. said...

You have a lot of really cool decorations. LOVE, love, love the white pumpkins and especially at that bargain of a deal! Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston!

the undomesticated wife said...

Oh my gosh, everything looks so cute! I haven't seen pics of your house in a've made a ton of progress!

AmyKristen said...

I want to live in your house! You do SUCH a great job decorating. You inspire me! :)

Beth said...

Your fall decorations are so pretty. Love your style.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Absolutely gorgeous Mandi! I am in love with all of the beautiful vignettes you've created around your home. I want to come over and sit in that big comfy chair and chat! Wouldn't it be fun to be neighbors?

I am so glad you like the little pumpkins. And I am trying not to be totally jealous of your 90% off others! WOW...gotta love a good deal. And you know how I feel about white pumpkins. I probably would have bought ALL they had. I have a slight addiction.

I am slowly, but surely getting all of my fall and halloween decor put up. I hope to have it all up by Oct 1st!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Your house looks wonderful!! I saw Gramma's washstand in one picture. I think she would love your place, too. Nice job!

Lucy Marie said...

They are so pretty. I love all the little pumpkins scattered throughout.

Small House said...

I JUST LOVE IT!!!! Your fall decor items look great with the wonderful color choice of your walls.
So glad you shared.

Barb said...

I am loving it all ~ thank you for sharing your tips and cute little decorating ideas! Simple yes, but wonderful to copy...I want to do it to my house! By the way I am still wanting to do the pumpkins and candy corn you shared earlier on your blog! I need to see if hubby has the paints I need! Love it all, please keep sharing and allowing us to be copycats!

Jennifer said...

I have started my fall decorating, but am far from finished. My favorite store (Hobby Lobby) finally has all their fall stuff half price so I can now allow myself to go there and buy something!

I love love love, the pumpkins on your plate holder - what a great idea. Love all of the sweet touches in your house. (o:

Jane @ Finding Fabulous said...

I love how you accessorize those book shelves...very well done! Those letters and pears and white pumkins...adorable!!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Looks fantastic! So clean and fresh and put together. I am especially loving the sweet white pumpkin in the baby rocker. Also, I am headed to Michaels on Nov. 1st to cash in on some clearance! What a terrific deal!

Liz said...

Just came across you blog, love it! I enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures and I love your fall decor, very nice!

*~*~*HAPPY FALL*~*~*

Liz =)

Jen said...

You've got some great decorations up!

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments the last few days; they really meant a lot.

Oh! I took your advice and put some fabric I had around the house up over the shelf in my laundry room. I'll have to get it up in a post some time soon. :)

Swiss Avenue said...

OMG Im obsessed with your jars! Love them and wish they were mine!


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