Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's A Beautiful Life

Hello friends! How has this beautiful spring been treating you? Here, the sun has been shining and we've had temperatures in the nineties. I spent yesterday with a friend on the world's largest fresh water island, Manitoulan Island. We spent the day exploring some waterfalls and cute, quaint shops. We also hit up a farmers market and I purchased some organic veggie plants that I hope to be putting into the ground very soon. I bought two seperate varieties of heirloom tomatoes and had to laugh at their names. Hillbilly and Mortgage Lifter. :) Pure comedy.

Life has been exceptional lately. Finding out I am pregnant has been the biggest blessing - and the most life changing thing I've ever gone through. The time I've been away, I've truly just been enjoying this pregnancy, relaxing and reading stacks of books on pregnancy and becoming a mom.

I've spent my days outdoors, sitting on my deck. I don't have any fancy deck hairs - I just grab two from my dining room set. I sit on one and use the other to prop my feet up and to hold my books and water bottle. I'm hoping to get a touch of sunkissed skin and to enjoy that Vitamin D. I can't wait to get back out there today!

It's lilac season here in Ontario, and everywhere you go, there are bushes of lilacs. It's almost overwhelming how many people have lilac bushes. The smell is INCREDIBLE and the beauty just astounding. I myself have two large lilac bushes, one located right outside of my kitchen window. It's a late bloomer so by tomorrow I think we will be able to pick some blooms. In the meantime, my mother-n-law and sister-n-law and I went for a drive through the city the other night and picked bunches of lilacs from bushes that weren't connected to anyones home or yard. We went up to one of the water towers in town and there were scads of lilacs - and we happily picked ourselves some. There were so many that you couldn't even tell we had been there.

I came home and placed them around my house.

Some I added to my enamelware Ikea pitcher.

Others in small budvases I recieved for my birthday.

Things with my pregnancy have been excellent. We have our first official appointment on Monday with our midwife. I'll be having a full physical and running the complete gammet of tests that they due on a momma. I'm a little nervous but hope things will be fine. Does anyone really like to be poked and prodded? Despite it all, I've just felt so good. I'm one of those lucky women who hasn't experienced any morning sickness or really any nausea. My only food aversion is leafy greens - especially spinach. And normally I love that stuff! No real cravings for anything except for my father-n-laws hamburgers (which he made me!) and I want to eat tons and tons of fruit. I'm in my 11th week of pregnancy (unless the doctors end up telling me different at my appointment) and currently our baby is about the size of a lime! I'm feeling best when I wear my maternity pants or really loose athletic pants - though I can still wear a couple of pairs of jeans. As far as shirts - I'm not in any maternity shirts yet. I'm definatly getting a baby bump though!

I'm back home in Canada. We arrived back on Mother's Day. My sweet hubby bought me a dozen pale pink roses to celebrate our baby. We had an amazing drive that day and just enjoyed being with one another. We had incredibly favor at the border and made it through with no problem. Now we are just waiting to see the government's decision on whether or not I am approved for Permenant Residency. We could be waiting months.

We also had an amazing brunch on Mother's Day. Everyone brought different dishes and it made for one filling feast!

We had so many sweet rolls! Everyone thought someone else WASN'T bringing/making them!

Thank you for your patience while I have been gone. Well, all of you but one. Just lost a follower yesterday. :) Ah well - what can you do? I just needed some time to absorb all of the changes in my life and get my bearings. I've barely even read any of your blogs! I just basically shut myself off and have been pouring over baby books. Truly! I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to - and what all has been going on in each of your lives. Sorry for the novel today! I am a bit too wordy for my own good - but wanted to let you know what all has been going on with me. Love you all and will talk to you soon!!

and Baby


Lucy Marie said...

I love Manitoulin Island. My sister and her husband lived there for a few years and I just LOVED visiting. I also went to a summer camp there all through my childhood. Now that I don't really have an excuse to go back, I really miss it. I'm glad to hear you are feeling well!

Holly said...

I'm so glad you are back safely with your hubby! I've been wondering how the border crossing went.
I love lilacs, too! Don't have any right now :(, and actually our blooming season is done.

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

Pregnancy is definitely very life changing. It's so strange learning to share your body with someone else (and having to shift around constantly because your ribs seem to be in their little way!). Lately it has really been on my heart that God has CHOSEN me to be her mom; what a great responsibility!

I really don't know how all of the rules of immigration work, but do you get any sort of advanced standing once you become the mum to a little Canadian?

Manitoulin is definitely a wonderful place, but I have to say I've never been to it from your end. Mostly we stay around the south end of the island because we're taking the ferry there and back.

Enjoy this (too short!) season in your life!

Barb said...

How wonderful to hear that you are doing well, I have missed your blog postings! A gal in our office is also expecting and her baby is due in July, she used the same examples for the size of the baby, and it has been so much fun hearing her weekly reports of fruits and veggies for sizes! Have fun preparing for the "wee one" and stay healthy, and read lots! Get your rest now, because when that little one is in your arms, you and Shane will be very busy! Blessings to you, Shane and baby!

Teena said...

omgosh! That's a lot of books to read! Goodluck! <3

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

I've been thinking of you and am so glad to hear you are safely back home and enjoying your pregnancy! Your lilacs are gorgeous by the way :). Blessings friend!

Mary Joy said...

How wonderful! I love you pictures and stories of family connectedness. You have once again inspired me!

Real Life Reslers said...

I'm so truly happy for you! You are so blessed!

TheFiveDays said...

Just stopping by your blog for the 1st time...congratulations on your pregancy! What an exciting time! I am the mom of three and my littlest is turning 3 this summer...I am getting baby fever again! LOL! It is wonderful that you are feeling well...from my experience, if you aren't getting hit with morning sickness by now then you are probably going to get away with little or none of it. I had tons with all my pregnancies so I am a LOT jealous! Enjoy this magical time and don't freak yourself out too much. You will figure everything out. :)


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