Sunday, January 30, 2011

Aubrey - One Month Old

Well, I've made it through one month as a mom. Six weeks (tomorrow) in fact. It honestly seems like yesterday that little Aubrey was born. Time has really flown by. I understand now when people say "they grow up so fast". My little peanut is changing and growing so much and thankfully setteling down a bit. Here is what's been going on this past six weeks.

Aubrey, I'm not sure how much you weigh as your silly mommy forgot to take us to your last midwife appointment. I'll need to call tomorrow to reschedule. We're almost ready to be discharged from their care. At your last appointment, two weeks ago, you weight 8 pounds, 4 ounces. I imagine you are up past the nine pound mark. Maybe nine and a half pounds? Either way, you're still in newborn clothes. Your 0-3 month clothes are still quiet big on you. You've grown out of one outfit. In reality though, I think that outfit should have been for a premie because you grew out of it at around 3 weeks old. I'm anxious for you to get a bit bigger so you can start fitting into some of your cute clothes. You mainly wear sleepers because that's what all your newborn items are in.

Your first few weeks were difficult as far as sleeping was concerned. You were ready to party during the night and if you did fall asleep, you alway woke up ten minutes after you were put down. Ten minutes was always your time limit. You never lasted longer than that. The only thing that got us through was your night owl aunties who loved to hold you during the middle of the night. They would bring you into your bed when you were good and asleep and then you'd often sleep late into the morning for me.

For the past three weeks now, you've been sleeping through the night. My night anyways. You fall asleep anywhere from 10 pm - midnight and sleep until 5:30 - 7 am. You wake up for a feeding and a diaper change and then drift back to sleep for an hour when you are up again to eat. You fall back asleep around 9 am and then often will sleep until noon. I'm able to shower, make the bed, tidy our room and get ready for the day. I love our schedule! You nap throughout the afternoon and then give a nice long nap in the evening as well.

We bathe you around 8 or 9, have a feeding and then you fall asleep. You love your baths! You always were content and happy when you had a sponge bath but since putting you in your little bathtub, you love it even more! You cried the first time we put you in it, but now you enjoy it. I can't wait until you are spashing around playing with your tub toys. For now mommy and daddy bathe you together. He pours the warm bath water on you so you don't get cold and mommy washes you.

You rarely fall asleep with me unless I nurse you. You will readily fall asleep for everyone else but when I'm around, you just refuse. It's okay because I enjoy our time together.

I recently decided that after you fall asleep, I'm going to put you in the Moby Wrap and wear you so I can get things done during the day. You are still a light sleeper during the daytime but when you are in the Moby, you get some incredible rest. I like having you close too. We like the kangaroo hold the best. In fact, we haven't tried any other hold we like that one so much!

We finally decided to get you a new bed. Though the pack-n-play was mere feet away from our bed, you seemed so far away. I'm not sure you liked sleeping there so much since you always woke up when placed in it. I received an anonymous card with some money in it so we decided to buy some sort of cosleeper that sits on the side of the bed. We found what we were looking at at Babie's R Us and went to go purchase it. But while looking around the store, we found this Fisher Price rocker that was designed for sleeping. I actually heard a wonderful review about it on a blog and since you loved to be rocked/bounced to sleep, we opted for the rocker instead. That night was the first night you didn't have to go sit with your aunties, and since that night, I've been able to put you to bed and you  haven't woken up until morning. I love that rocker!! 

We're setteling into a nice little life. Soon we hope to be back into our own house. Daddy says we should be there mid-March. He's diligently working on your room though there is no heat in our house and we have had temperatures that are in the low -40's. Your room is insulated and soon we'll have an inspector come to make sure that it was done properly. Then we can put up the drywall, paint and finally...decorate! I can't wait for you to see our house!

Well little peanut, that's about it for your first month! You've done such a great job adjusting to outside life. Thanks for being so patient with daddy and I as we figure out how to be the best parents for you. We love you little girl!


Real Life Reslers said...

I love the second picture! It's awesome. She has so much personality already! ADORABLE!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

I wish we'd of had that rocker when Em was born. I think she didn't like the wide open space of her bassinet/crib, so we actually put her little swing in the bassinet (not as scary as it sounds lol) because it cuddled her more.

It looks like she's flashing you a few smiles these days too!

She's so beautiful Mandi! I think the photo of her sitting up in her green sleeper is my favourite.

Stephanie said...

she is so adorable! i am loving all her headbands.

Jami said...

Oh my goodness! She is just beautiful!! She has so many wonderful features coming in! I think she's going to look like her pretty mommy! :) Congrats again! I think we may look into that cradle. We registered and got a pack-n-play at one of our showers, but that looks like a good thing to use!! I wonder if a regular bouncy seat/swing works the same way. We got a total of three bouncy seat or swing contraptions.

Holly said...

Look at those gorgeous big eyes! She just adorable!

Lucy Marie said...

She is precious! I am so glad to hear things are going well. And wow! She is sleeping so good! Lucky Mommy!! When Eva was around that age, she slept good long stretches but we've gone backwards lately ... we're just getting back to having 4-5 hour stretches. She is such a beauty - like her Mama!

Jennifer said...

I love this post. It's so neat to hear about how she's doing and developing. I love the pictures. I think she looks so different from those first three photos we got of her just after she was born. What a little beauty!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

She's a princess!!!

Barb said...

Adorable baby...I love that you have shared all of the pictures with us! Sweet Aubrey is showing so much personality already... enjoy every minute Mandi, time goes by so fast! Blessings from PA, where it is cold and blustery!

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

Aw, congratulations!!! She's adorable! And where oh where was that rocker when my boys were newborns? I seriously could have used that! Love the pics ;). Blessings Momma!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, she is absolutely beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes looking at such a sweet miracle. You are blessed.


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