Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

Tomorrow marks my 29th birthday. It's been a celebratory kind of weekend as first of all, it's a long weekend. Today is also my father-in-laws birthday and also Aubrey turns two  months old. Monday (my birthday) is also Family Day in many parts of Canada. That's where most everyone gets a day off of work and the city shuts down so that families can spend time with one another. So it's just one big party weekend!

I thought I'd share with you my birthday wish list this year. I found some super cute things that I'm just dying to make mine. We'll see if I open any tomorrow! :)

I've always wanted a tassel. This one is so pretty and will match my new kitchen colors. Decorative Bird Tassel via LaurynAnn's Etsy Shop

My heart beats extra hard for the cute makeup bag from TheSweetLifebyDesign. There is also a smartphone gadget case in this same fabric and I'd LOVE to be the owner of that as well. And, I don't even own a cell phone!

I already enjoy grocery shopping but it would be even loads more fun if I could use this cute market basket! With grocery bags costing 5 cents, I'd definatly put it to good use! It's from gigglesandgrins1's
 Etsy Shop.

Oh yeah! I drive a van. I wish I didn't. But this keychain would make it a whole lot better! It's from DarkChocolateNTulip's Etsy Shop.

I have thought of so many things I could do with this fabric organizing bag from TheSpottedBarn. It's so adorable!!

I've been searching for THE perfect handstamped family necklace since before Aubrey was born. I wanted a piece that was substancial and that would allow me to showcase my whole family. Plus, it needed to be affordable. I think I finally found it! I'd add Aubrey's name where it says "Grace" and me and Shane's name's below. The long hanging tag would be our wedding date. Love this necklace! It's from JessicaMaiaDesign's Etsy Shop.

And last but not least, I want this Vera Bradley purse. Originally I wanted it in Lemon Parfait, then Call Me Coral. But I would have really loved to have had it in this orange color (that I don't know the name of) and that's what I finally decided my heart was set on. And the great news, it was on clearance. Until today when I went to look at the bag again. Totally gone. Vamoos. Boo! I was pretty disapointed. So, it's back to Lemon Parfait (shown) or Color Me Coral.

I'm also wishing for a label maker. I have a lot that needs organized in my life! :)

Hope ya'll have a great rest of the weekend and Happy Monday!!


Stephanie said...

i would DEFINITELY have that purse on my list too, sa-weet!
happy birthday to you!

Kimmy said...

Everything you have your eye on is super cute! I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Julze said...

Happy Birthday to you...I can't believe that Aubrey is almost two months already!!

Pokey said...

Happy birthday to the new mommy! I love many things on your wish list, too...

Barb said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Mandi! Hugs for baby your window shopping!

Debra said...

Hope you had a happy day! And got some of those fun things on your list. I love the family necklace. I have a label maker and love it although I don't think it's made me more organized yet. :)


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