Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Hey ya'll! There are some new faces around here and I just wanted to take a minute to say HELLO!

Thank you for taking time out of your jam-packed day to sit a spell at "Finding Home". I originally started this blog in 2007 to keep my family up-to-date about my life in Northern Ontario, Canada. I'm originally from a tiny town in Pennsylvania. Let's just say we're a little on the rural side in PA. We even  have hitchin' posts at our Walmart. For what you ask? For the Amish' horses of course! If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.

After blogging about what I was up to in Canada, I started to branch out into some of my crafty adventures,  home projects and recipes that I adored. But last year, I worked on my biggest DIY to date. My daughter. Her name is Aubrey and she is my pride and joy. I gave birth to her on December 20th and she's now just a little over three months old.

Aubrey on the quilt her Grandma made her.

Blogging slowed way down while I was pregnant and even more so after Aubrey came into my life. Part of it is also due to the fact that we are doing a HUGE renovation to our house that has had us living with my inlaws since the end of September. There just isn't a whole lot to blog about these days. But soon my friends, very soon! I'll have all kinds of posts about decorating our new home, projects I'm crafting, organizing our stuff, and the process of creating Aubrey's nursery. Of course I'll be throwing in some bits of family life here and there as that is how I stay connected to most of my family and friends.

Standing in our entrance way looking into my "kitchen" into the backyard. Scarey.

So be on the lookout for some stuff soon! Thanks so much for signing along for the adventure! I truly appreciate each and every single one of my readers. Ya'll really just rock!! And to prove it, I'm almost at 200 followers. As soon as I hit that number, I think a giveaway will be in order! Sound good to you? Yeah, me too! See you soon!


Hayley said...

And I cannot wait...love reading your blog :-)

Pokey said...

I always enjoy your shares, and that little one will be fun to see grow, too :-}pokey

Holly said...

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all your cute ideas!!!!

Rebecca said...


I just came over from The Imperfect Wives after reading your comment this week!

Thanks for visiting us! We hope you'll be back and join us more often as we hold out the hope and encouragement that God offers us.

You have a beautiful blog and I'm sure I'll be back to check on you! Blessings!


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