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Shaklee Basic H2 Review and a Giveaway!

Have you heard of Shaklee before? It's the number one natural nutritional company in the U.S. and they have been around for more than 50 years. They offer a host of products from cleaning supplies, to weight related products and skincare. I've wanted to try Shaklee ever since I saw it on the Oprah show. I've come across numerous reviews on different Shaklee products out there in blogland and truly, it made me want the product even more. I determined that when we move back into our home I wanted to purchase myself some Shaklee.

Imagine my excitment when I saw that Elisabeth from Bargain Blondie was giving away samples of Shaklee's #1 selling cleaning product, Basic H2, for bloggers to review. I signed myself right up! I couldn't wait to try the product.

First I purchased two spray bottles. My little vial of Shaklee Basic H2 would make me a 16 oz. bottle of  window/mirror cleaner and a 16 oz. bottle of General Cleaner.

After measuring out the appropriate amounts of water and Shaklee Basic H2 concentrate, I had myself two bottles of healthy cleaners. And then I got to work.

Window Before
Over winter the large window in my inlaws living room was caulked shut as it was leaking air. During the process of caulking, the moist environment and probably a host of other factors left the window ledge moldy. The other day my mother-in-law decided to remove the caulking so she could open the window and that's when we all saw the mold. We let out a collected "Ew!" and I said "Can I clean that?" I wanted to put my Basic H2 to work!

Window After

Window After

I first began using a paper towel to do my scrubbing. I had little luck with that so instead I used a cleaning rag. I sprayed down the window sill and allowed the cleaner to sit for a few minutes to really do its work. I then used some good old fashioned elbow grease to scrub that mold off. I would say that the whole process took less than fifteen minutes - and that mold was thick. I did need to do some scraping with my fingernail (wrapped in the rag of course) to get some of the thicker mold off but as you can see by the after pictures, most all of it came off! The dark spots left are peeling paint and the darker wood exposed underneath. There was some stubborn mold left in the cracks of caulking that I was not able to get too...but for a general cleaner, I was impressed. So was my mother-in-law. They are replacing that window later this summer but we are happy that the Basic H worked like a horse and cleaned the window so well.

Annoying Baby Toy Before

Next up was a baby toy. This summer my goal is to buy my little girl a bunch of baby toys from yard sales. That's what's on my radar. But, let's be honest. There have been other mouths and hands and drool and goo and germs all over these toys and I want a safe way to get it off! I checked with Elisabeth if Shaklee was safe to use on baby products and she assured me it was. Knowing enough about Shaklee, I was pretty sure it was safe but wanted to double check. I also asked her if I would need to wash the Basic H2 off before I gave the toy to my daughter, and again, she said it was safe. More about that in a minute!

Annoying Baby Toy Before

This toy is hands down one of the most annoying toys...ever. But it's lasted through my neice (who is now 4 and a half), my nephew, and now Aubrey. I'm pretty sure it was from another family before we got it four years ago. It had been in my mom's storage room for the past year and then she passed it along to us. I decided to give it a cleaning.

Annoying Baby Toy After
I should have taken much closer photos because all over were little spots of white (that I'm assuming was spit up or dried drool), scuff marks, and bits of dirt and such in the crevices of the toy. My Basic H2 got it all off!! I'm sure that I would have had that kind of success with another cleaner - but to know that Basic H2 was safe for my daughter to have her hands all over left me with such piece of mind. I can't wait to get some more yardsale toys and use my Basic H2!

Dirty Window Before (Note the new outdoor furniture!!)
Lastly, I used the window/mirror cleaner to clean the screen door window. It was so hard to get a photo of the pollen, dust and streaks all over the glass but rest assured, they were there. I used a piece of newspaper instead of a paper towel. Have you done this before? It's an excellent way to clean glass. Lint free!

Dirty Window After
My window/mirror cleaner worked like a charm. The glass was left sparkly clean. (Note that it was very hard to take before and after photos of a dirty window!)

Overall, I'm so happy with the product. I'm happy to know that the things my little girl will touch are cleaned effectively and safely. Once I am back in my house, I am going to use this idea that Elisabeth passed onto me from her mom. She has a blog too...I follow along. She posted about how to make homemade baby wipes. But the beauty is, those wipes can also be used to clean surfaces! I LOVE cleaning wipes like Clorox or Lysol brand. But I'm pitching those for the Shaklee wipes. I've yet to make them but once I'm moved back into my home, I will. I love cleaning wipes so much!

This beautiful Basic H2 product can be used in so many different ways. You can use it to clean fabric, hard surfaces, windows and mirrors, your skin/hands, to remove wallpaper, getting out fish oders and to clean boat just name a tiny few of the things this product can do. If you are interested in Shaklee, you need to talk to Elisabeth. She can tell you about some amazing specials that Shaklee has and you can even order Basic H2 and all of the other Shaklee products from her.

And now for the giveaway! Elisabeth has kindly offered up a sample of Basic H2 to FIVE of my readers! Woot!! You can mix your own two bottles of 16 oz. cleaners! Yeah!! There are a couple ways to enter!

1. Be a follower of my blog.
2. Follow Elisabeth's blog, Bargain Blondie.
3. Tweet It, Facebook It, Blog About It

Make sure to leave a SEPERATE COMMENT for each thing you do! Good luck!!

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, May 25!


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