Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today I hit the ground running. It's just one of those days. I'm tempted to wallow in my exhaustion, in my fear and in my irritation. But I'm instead choosing to let the Lord fight my battle. This day is a big one for us. We are leaving for Pennsylvania but first we must attend a heart appointment for Aubrey. I posted about her condition when I wrote her birth story, so I'll just briefly recap for those who are new to Finding Home.

While we were in the hospital recovering from Aubrey's birth and my c-section, there was a few times that Aubrey turned purple. I'm not talking a light shade of purple - I mean a deep, dark shade that instantly makes your blood run cold it was so scary. She spent some time in the NICU for evaluation and we later had to take her home with a halter monitor to monitor her heart for 24 hours. It turns out there is a hole in her heart. It is pretty small but she will be under evaluation for a year. This is her second follow-up heart appointment since being born. At a year old she will have an echo cardiogram to see where we are at. At her six month well-baby visit, her doctor could still hear the murmur so he said it was best to keep the heart appointment. Not that I was going to cancel it anyways.

So, today we go. I'd really covet your prayers. We are praying that in Jesus name her heart would be whole. Not hole. :) Just had to throw that in. :) God has a sense of humor and so do I. But really, I would covet those prayers so much. Also, we are leaving for Pennsylvania today! I'd love your prayers for traveling mercies as well. It's a long 9 hour drive on a good day - not counting stops for an infant. We won't get there until sometime well after midnight. I'd love it if you could say a little prayer for us. It's a busy, crazy day here and it's a day that more than ever I need God to fight this battle for me.


Alexis said...

Praying!! There's nothing like a mommy's concern for her babies. Praying for complete healing for Aubrey and complete peace for you. {()}

Barb said...

Prayers all the way for sweet little Aubrey and for your travels to PA! God is always Good, He will watch over all!

Jennifer said...

So glad everything turned out well with Aubs. I already miss her so much, but I'm glad you guys were able to come so I could see her again. I loved Saturday when all our kids were playing on the floor of the living room. Stressful with the noise and messes, but I loved every minute of those kids! Come home again soon.


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