Friday, October 07, 2011

Dream Home - More Than Bricks and Mortor

The last time we talked, we were discussing about having a vision for our home. Today we are going to put some feet to that concept and really make it work in our lives. I'm daring you to create the kind of home you've always longed for. We're going beyond the furniture, curtains, paint colors and accessories and daring to dig in to the true heart of the home.

So what does your dream home look like? What happens in that space? What sort of feelings are conjured up? What emotions are expressed? What do you do in your dream home?

I've created a printable of a house and what I'm proposing that we all do is print this baby off, and write those dreams inside the structure of the house. Make this a family kind of event. Maybe gather tonight at dinner and write what each person desires to have happen or to feel in the home. Maybe you'll write things like "Weekly Movie Night" or "Laughter" or "Have Parties". Maybe you need to have some more "Peace" and "Quiet" in your lives and for you, that would be a real dream. Make this a family thing. Is it just you and your man? Cook him his favorite dinner and sit down together and create your dream home. Are you just by yourself? Then girl, don't you count yourself out of this activity. Put onto paper how you want your home to rise up and greet you.

I'll be doing this with my family as well. Aubrey obviously doesn't have a lot of imput at just 9 months old, but she and her life growing up will be big focuses of what we want to accomplish in our home. My man is away for the next few days and truth be told, it's tough to nail his feet to the floor even when he is home. We are in a major season of business in our lives. This activity may just be my own dreams and visions until he can come on board. As the momma and wife, I am the Keeper of our home (Titus 2:5 KJV) so I feel confident in filling this page out myself. Which isn't to say that it will be all things that will benefit me. No way! I'm also hoping that when we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (on the 13th), we can have some time together to look to the future and talk about our dream home.

Here are a few things I'm thinking of putting on my paper.

* Christ as the Center of Our Home
* Prayer
* Laughter
* Joy
* Homecooked Meals
* Quiet Evenings
* Weekly Family Night
* Sundays As a Day of Rest
* Learning
* Communication
* Dinners Together
* Time For Traveling
* Smiles
* Neat and Tidy
* Organized - A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place
* Creativity
* A Soft Place To Land
* Gentleness
* Celebrating Special Days
* Practicing Good Stewardship
* Peace
* Practicing a Health and Balanced Lifestyle

These are a few dreams for my home. Be sure to print your "home" off and plan with your family what your dream home looks like. Tack it to the fridge so that everyone can see and be reminded to put those things into practice.

Our Home Printable

I loved hearing all of your feedback about this series. I'm not promising to write everyday. That had been the plan but I just can't commit. But I've got a bunch of posts so don't you worry. :) You can't get rid of me that easily.

See you next time as we work on Finding Home!


Three Is NOT A Crowd said...

I love this idea and this series! I can't open the printable though...?

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Hmm...I'm not sure what is going on with the printable bc I don't seem to have a problem getting it to open. Is anyone else having this issue? Leave me some feedback and I'll try to get it fixed!

Three Is NOT A Crowd said...

This is all it says when I click on it:
Sorry, we are unable to retrieve the document for viewing or you don't have permission to view the document.

I went to your past post for the bidner printables and was able to open those and print them.
Thank you for your help. I love all your printables that you provide and use them on a daily basis!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

It should be all fixed now! Happy Printing...and planning!

Three Is NOT A Crowd said...

I got it! Thank you!


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