Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sunday Seven

It's Sunday and you know that that means! It's time to focus on setting some priorities for the upcoming week. We've been calling it "Sunday 7". Allison from "The Intentional Peace" first created this concept and I've joined along with her. It's one of the best tools that I've found to really help me focus on my priorites for the coming week. You choose the highest priority thing to do in seven different key areas of your life. My seven areas this week include:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Relationships
4. Health and Fitness
5. Home Organization
6. Finances
7. Me Time

Faith:  This week I am commiting to spending my mornings with the Lord. I find myself so unfocused if I do it any other way. I'm also going to take some time to find a new devotional. Any suggestions?

Family: I'm commiting to giving Aubrey the best of me. It sometimes hard when life pulls me in every direction. This week I'm focusing on intentionally playing with her and "teaching" her. I have some baby activities that I found on Pinterest that I'd like to do with her. I'm pretty excited!

Relationships: I'm not connecting with a few friends and it's bothering me. Time to take some time this week to send them emails (those who live far away) and give others a call (those who are local).

Health and Fitness: I'm Zumba-ing it  up on Wednesday. I'm also commiting to go to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday. I missed this past week because I was too exhausted to go. I was pretty disapointed in myself as I love my meetings.

Home Organization: I have two closets in our room that need some major organization. Both closests are a bit of a "catch all" for things that just don't have a home. Time to find some homes, donate, or get rid of the junk.

Finances: I found a great resource to print out some envelope's a la Dave Ramsey style. I'm going to print them, put them together, and use them for our finances. Though Shane usually handles the finances, it will be nice to have a system in place for my spending money.

Me Time: Sunday night is my favorite night of television. First it's "Desperate Housewives" and then "Pan Am". So, I'm going to take some time to watch my shows and have a delicious treat of loaded nachos (tortilla torn apart, cheese, tomato, a little onion, avacado, lettuce, greek yogurt, and salsa....mmm!! And Points + are counted!).

So that's it for my week! What does your week look like?

I also wanted to share Aubrey's photos that were taken last Saturday for the promotional shoot for a local photography studio. We had a lot of fun. Aubrey is such a ham.

Here she is.  :)

P.S. I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be making some cosmetic changes to my blog so if things get a little wonky around here, you'll know why!

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