Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Aubrey's First Birthday!

Today, my precious girl turned a year old!

I wrote about all of the emotions I was feeling and tonight as I reflect on this day, I'm just so overjoyed that this little girl is in my life. I am so inlove with her!

The morning started pretty magical as Aubrey woke up to a beautiful Birthday Land just for her. Her Auntie Sarah spent the night setting up the decorations and baking cupcakes and a cake. What a treat! I was so excited to see it all as I had no idea Sarah was putting it all together.

The day was spent making sure Aubrey had the best day. She had all of her favorites at each of her meals and she was able to watch her favorite shows on DVD while she played the day away.

Her darling little friend, Leah, brought over flowers and a card. It was truly the sweetest thing. Leah practiced saying "Happy Birthday" all day and it was so sweet to hear her say it to Aubrey. I'm so lucky to have such great friends for myself and for my daughter.

Shane had to work overtime - the first time in forever - so he actually missed all of Aubrey's special day. He was pretty disapointed but there was little he could do. We saved the present opening for when he will be home. When he finally arrived, he and I went out for a steak dinner to celebrate our first year as parents. Don't worry, Grandma was home so Aubrey wasn't alone. :)

It was such a sweet and special day. I'm so very excited to see what this next year holds for Aubrey and for our little family!

Here are some photos of the rest of the day.

Birthday Land!

Birhtday Girl shirt, a cupcake bank and even a little gift for Mommy!

Gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. They also bought her a new car seat!

She reached for her card right away and opened all on her own.

Aubrey is obsessed with cell phones. She LOVES them. Since Mommy doesn't have one (I know, crazy, right?) Aubrey got her very own phone. She didn't put it down all day!

Opening more gifts.

A breakfast of all of her favorite things: Eggs, Toast, Turkey Bacon, and Blackberries.

Aubrey's Cupcake Scentsy Warmer warming "Happy Birthday"! How appropriate!

Aubrey's phone at lunch - all scratched up from so much use!

Birthday Set-Up in the evening with more gifts from Mommy and Daddy.


Holly said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe she is already a year old! And she is absolutely adorable! Our baby girls are only three days apart, how did I miss that?!

Julia said...

Happy 1st birthday Aubrey...I remember when you announced she'd arrived Mandi. I love her keen interest in the cards (reminds me of my DD's) and the cell-phone.

I have twin-nephews who will be 3 in April. They can make cell phone calls, text and unlock computers already ..LOL!

God bless,


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