Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dressing Your Truth - It's Changed My Life

Have you ever experienced something that has changed your life? Well, in the past few months, I have. But it was only when I decided to commit myself and not just flake through it. But first, let me give you a little background.

I've struggeled since childhood to love my appearance. I was always got caught in the comparision game even at an elementary school age. My clothes weren't as cool, my hair wasn't as great, I wasn't as tiny, my teeth were crooked...and on and on the things I said to myself went. It's truly been a struggle for me in every way. It probably didn't help that I was drawn to more of a "different" kind of style. I remember once writing in my journal about why it wasn't fair that I didn't like crew neck sweatshirts like all of the rest of the girls. I loved my second hand tee shirts with funny sayings. My favorite was "Bald is Beautiful. God only created so many perfect heads - the rest he covered with hair." I loved that shirt! I didn't fit the typical mold and though I loved putting my outfits together, I so often felt out of place.

When I was in my first year of Master's Commission, I had a real struggle with myself. I was in a new place, a new city, surrounded by people I didn't know, who were dripping with talent, experience and style. I felt like a schmoe - whatever a schmoe is. And finally one day, after realizing that everytime I looked in the mirror, I was picking out my flaws. And I stopped. I stopped to look at myself. To truly stare myself in the eyes and see who I was. I looked at my lips. I looked at my eyes. I looked at my nose. I stared at myself. This was my face. This was my body. THIS was my physical apperance. This is how God created me. Perfect in his eyes.

It was an eye opening experience for me to actually see myself as I truly was. Later that day I had a long conversation with my Director of our Master's Commission team. He helped me realize I was a person who had a lot of "trophies" but lacked the knowledge of who I truly was to help walk in that truth. See, I was my high school prom queen. I had won first runner-up in a beauty pagent at our county fair. I had been the leader and president of a number of groups. I had a ton of friends. It wasn't like I was stuck in a corner isolated in my life. I had a vibrant, active, full life. I just had this incredible internal struggle. My Director gave me a list of scriptures that eventually helped changed my life. They were Bible verses that specifically show us who God says we are. I challenged myself to read a scripture a day and to concentrate on living that out. I would pray over the verse, journal about my thoughts and speak it forth all day long. It was truly, truly life changing. And God began to really erase those dark areas of my heart that had been shrouded in insecurity. Just a couple of weeks ago, Christine and I were talking about our weight loss journies, and she said "I never hear you say anything negative about yourself." And I don't. I've been changed from the inside and it's a stronghold that has been broken. My prayer and challenge in this life is to help other women break that in themselves too with the truth of God's Word.

Enter a few months ago.

My mother-in-law came across a program called "Dressing Your Truth". She had been blog reading and came across one woman's experience with this life changing program. And from that instant, we were hooked. Dressing Your Truth can best be described as a makeover program that teaches you how to highlight your natural beauty so you look amazing and feel great. It's absolutely changed my life. Before, dresssing was a struggle. Now it's freedom and I'm excited about creating outfits. I've learned how to purchase clothes and wear my hair that honors my true beauty. I'm finally wearing all of my clothes because I've gone through all of the clothes that don't honor me anymore and what I'm left with is stuff that truly highlights who I am. I'm excited to get dressed. I'll tell you two quick stories and then I'll share with you how you can find out more about Dressing your Truth.

Story #1: A month or so ago, I took Aubrey to our local science center for an outing. We met up with two friends and their kiddos. I was dressed in a white long sleeved tee shirt, jeans, and had on a gold/pearl necklace with a big white flower pinned to it. (The same outfit as in the photo above - but with the addition of the flower. Like in the photo below.) Nothing spectacular - and in fact, probably not as stylish as the fashion industry would have you think. In fact, the two girls I was with would probably have been considered much more stylish. They were both dressed head to toe in black. They had on tights and knee high boots and killer accessories. They really looked great. But as we were walking down one coridor of the science center, one of the workers looked right at me and said "Wow! You look amazing!" I honestly thought she was talking to Aubrey as she was decked out pretty cute and I looked down at her and smiled. But the woman was looking at me! And I sort of fumbled and said "Oh, me?" And she said "Yes! You look so great!" I was quiet shocked honestly but accepted her compliment and beamed. It felt really good. I felt bad that the comment was said right in front of the other two moms, but I knew that DYT was changing how others saw me.

Story #2: I had an appointment at the bank to open a new bank account for Scentsy. As I approached the desk to tell them I was there for my appointment, the woman's eyes sort of lit up and she said "You are so beautiful!" It again, took me aback, and I told her how kind she was to say that. But she kept going on about how great I looked. Mind you, I wasn't in anything spectacular. A pretty white coat I bought at Old Navy, jeans, my purse, my hair done - really that's all you could see. But everything was honoring my type of beauty. As I waited for my appointment I even sent out a facebook update about how you should always compliment someone when you admire what they are doing/wearing because you never know how you could make their day. Later at that same appointment, I had the same sort of experience with the girl opening my new account and from the woman who approved my identification. At the end of my appointment, all three women were gathered around the check-in desk raving about how good I looked. It was unreal.

I tell you those two stories to share with you how life changing this program has been for me. And honestly, that's just two stories out of a host of situations where I have been stopped and complimented. It's not because I'm wearing something super fabulous or expensive. No, most of my clothes come from Old Navy. My jewelery is mostly from Walmart. I'm still a stay-at-home mom who get stains on her clothes. It's not that I'm drop dead gorgeous. Hello, no. :) But I've learned to take the beauty, the energy, the personality God has given me and use them to truly draw out my own beauty. This program has been life changing for me. I am confident inside and out. Finally, my outside matches my inside.

Dressing Your Truth has changed my life and the lives of countless other women - and men! I can't tell you what it's done to my marriage. I finally am at a point where I understand Shane and he gets me. It's incredible. This fall, my mother-in-law and I head out to a Dressing Your Truth confrence; Be You, Be Beautiful. I can't wait!

So, if you're interested in learning more about DYT, there is an awesome offer happening right now. You can get the Beauty Profiling Course (where you learn about your specific type of beauty) for FREE. Normally it's $39. And, once you learn what your type of beauty is (there are 4), then you take the Beauty Profiling Course to learn what clothes, colors, fabrication (and more) is best for your type of beauty. It's been the most freeing thing ever. The course is on sale for $99 until March 31st. It's normaly over $250.

So, if you're like me and you've ever experienced insecurity - or if you're moving through life and people just dont' "get you", I would encourage you to look at Dressing Your Truth. It's changed my life inside and out.

And P.S. If you go through the course - I am a Type 1. The Bright, Animated Woman. :)


Ms. Scott said...

Lol @ "whatever a schmoe is"! It really is amazing what confidence does for your appearance and how others perceive you. I have always felt the same way, had clothes from second-hand stores, disliked my body. It wasn't that long ago when I started to really try to look the best I could and highlight my good features, and accept what I might not necessarily love. If you learn to appreciate what all your body does for you and the amazing things it's capable of, it gives you a whole new perspective! Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are beautiful! And I really love your hair. I'll have to check out this program.

investorlaw said...

Thanks for your story. It's a two-fer, inner and outer beauty. DYT has helped me gain the confidence to believe I look good inside and out. I believe it will be even more effective for me as I begin to feel whole, on the inside. Thanks again for your story.

morrest1101 said...

Mandi... that family picture of the three of you is beautiful!

You are beautiful!

Christi said...

I'm so glad that I had time to sit down and read your post! When I am in the DYT 1 group on Facebook, when your face pops up it makes me smile. You have beauty radiating from your smile and through your words. Thanks for sharing your story.

the undomesticated wife said...

Well I've always thought you were a complete doll!

Sherry said...

Just wondering if you have that list of scriptures still? If so, would you mind posting them?

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

You are a beautiful stylish woman Mandi.
Thanks for sharing your experiences with "Dressing Your Truth".
While at picking out eyeglasses with the hubby I shared that I had recently turned 50 yrs old. The ladies, at the desk, were so complimentary. The hubby was beaming in the corner. "That's my hot wife"! He's so cute!

be-YOU-tiful said...

Hi there! I found your blog surfing the I heart organizing blog, and continued reading since I found it so nice and inspiring. Then I came across this post and I had to say hi - I'm also a DYT'er since a year and it has also changed my life! Love that program.

/Maria (T4)

Lindsay said...

I'm just learning about DYT and was s coping things out & came across your blog. You are darling! As soon a I saw the first picture of you I thought, "Aha! She is a type 1 like me!" Beautiful!

Julie Perry said...

Thanks for sharing! I am a Christian and a DYTer too. From your photos, I'd say you are a type 1? (Me too).
I love DYT because it has helped me a great deal to understand others and to be more honoring and accepting of our personality differences. It has also helped me to accept and understand myself better. I also think it helps relationships a great deal!
It also saves money because shopping is a cinch now and I (almost)never buy the wrong things.
By the way, you were beautiful before your weight loss too!

PS: How did you lose weight?




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