Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Organizing My Jewelry

My jewelry organization - or lack thereof - has been bothering me lately. I needed a pretty way to display my jewels instead of just tossing them in a dish or jewelry box. I came across this post almost two years ago from Kevin and Amanda blog. Amanda's earring organizer always stuck with me and it's taken until now to finally recreate my own version.

I started with an "as-is" frame from a decor store. There was no glass but it wasn't needed for my project so it was perfect! I also scooped up this photo hanging kit from the dollar store. I mainly needed the photo hanging wire, but there are some really great hooks in this kit. This whole project cost $3.

The wire can simply be cut with some heavy duty kitchen shears.

I painted my frame with some cream acrylic paint and a foam brush. I would have loved to have spray painted it as it would have been MUCH easier, but at the time, there was snow on the ground. Not spray painting weather.

I then twisted the wire together to give it some dimension. You could also stick your stud earrings in those little bumps in the wire but I haven't got that far yet.

I decided to use thumbtacks to hold my wire in place. I just wrapped the wire around the tacks and pushed them into place. I can easily move the wire one day should I need more rows for my earrings and plus, Christine's son had finally went to sleep so I was not about to use a staple gun or hammer and nails to secure my wire.

And wa-la!

I hung my earring holder on the wall on an existing nail.

Here is how I'm storing my jewelry right now. The wrought-iron necklace holder is an item from Pier-1. It was sold a couple of years ago so I doubt it will be in stores now. I have it holding a basket with some body sprays and perfume in it. When I find the right sized plate, I'll add that and make a more pretty display, but for now, I'm working with what I have. :)

I also purchased this little rectangular plate to hold a little dish that houses the rest of my stud earrings, a few bracelets and some odds and ends. I like to keep my flower pin right on top. This plate also holds my wedding rings at night.

Baby monitor in the background. Just keepin' it real.

So there you have it! Jewelry storage! I love looking at all of the dangly bits and bobs. Now, I'm wearing so much more jewelry than I had when it was shoved out of site!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I love how you organized your jewelry Mandi.
It's attractive and functional.

the undomesticated wife said...



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