Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello, Evening

This morning I awoke at 6:15 am. I had to encourage Shane to get up - he had to be at work at 7. I too had to begin my day. I was going to take Shane's mom to work for 7. Yesterday I was feeling super sick and Sarah (Shane's sister) volunteered to work for me at the craft show today. She really did a huge favor to me by doing that - I am seriously so greatful. So, at 6:45, I braved the elements in my pajama's (that looked more like lounge wear) and my white puffy vest and took Pat to her work. Then I headed off to Walmart because I was on a mission to get better and that included getting some new medicine. Wouldn't you know, I get to Walmart (they were open at 7), head back to the pharmacy aisle, and most all of the medicine is locked up!! An associate told me that it wouldn't be unlocked until the pharmacist came in at 8. I had no intention of waiting - or coming back - so I browsed the medicine not locked up, which was all of about three brands. One included Buckleys - nitorious for being disgusting. I almost threw up once when I had it. It tastes like pine needles! It's horrible. I setteled on another brand and went off to pick up some tissues. I also bought a can of soup for my lunch. I took note of selection and prices of different items and determined that I am definatly going to need to go grocery shopping when I come home. Where is the selection?? The prices are still so high!! Arg!

I came home and took Greg to school for 8. Went downstairs and watched a bit of tv - dozed off for a bit before taking Sarah to the craft show. Came home again and spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon sleeping. I woke up so refreshed and feeling so good. It's hard for me to take a nap anymore. I basically don't want to miss out on life. I feel like I'm wasting my day by going to bed early and taking naps. Thus, perhaps why the day after my wedding I have become sick (for almost 2 weeks). Wow, I've been married for almost two weeks!

Three o'clock rolled around and I picked up Pat from work. Came back home to rest and watch some tv and read my scrapbooking magazine. Our friend, Gladys, came over for awhile this evening. We told stories around the dinner table and all laughed. Shane came home from work only to leave 20 minutes later to go work at the craft show. He came home for about an hour around 8 only to leave again at 9. Tonight he is spending the night at the craft show doing security. Tomorrow night he will be there as well. I was suposed to stay with him but he decided it would be better if I stayed at home. Probably is better. I still need rest. But it is hard to be away from him. Last night I didn't see much of him either. He came home from work and then an hour later was off to put up signs for the craft show. I was in bed at before he got home at 11:40. Ugh. I really really am missing him. Thankfully tomorrow is his day off, so hopefully we wll get a chance to spend some time together. But, mental note, we need to take him to the doctor at 9:30 am to make sure he doesn't have pnemonia. *praying not!*

So, this evenign was spent resting and lounging around with my new family. They are all so great!!! But I'm really missing my family and friends at home. Please don't forget about me! I miss you guys so much. :( Can't wait to come home and see you!!!

Goodnight all! Much Love!

P.S. We get our house November 2nd!!!! One week away!!!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

I am praying Shane doesn't have pneumonia! I hope not! You sound like you have such a nice life up there!!!

Don't worry we haven't forgotten you, nor will we ever!!! Love you June!

Jennifer said...

I hope things are going well for you guys. Glad to hear you are doing better and our prayers are with Shane as well. Keep us updated on the illness and don't bring it back into the country when you come home! :o)

Love, Jenn


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