Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yesterday and Today

I made it through another night without Shane. Though it was his day off, unfortunatly we didn't get to spend much time together. We took the mornign to go to the doctor for him and later he had to get a chest xray. We both had different plans for the day so we didn't see each other much. Pat, Anne and I went to the craft show. Sarah let us get in without paying the fee as we were family (she was allowed). We enjoyed walking around and gawking at the high priced items. And for every overpriced booth was one that offered affordable, cute merchandise. I bought some fudge, gorgeous swarvoski crystal earrings, a wooden moose sign, and two Christmas ortaments. I wish I had my cabel for my camera. If I had it, I would take photo's of the items I got and put them up here. Again, Shane stayed the night at the show and I was without him.

Last night, I began planning out meal menu's for our upcoming week at our NEW house! That was pretty challenging but fun!! I had my cookbooks surrounding me and the grocery ads. I made a good list, complete with desserts on some nights. I have to get some recipes from my mom though. Satuday we are going to have chicken and biscuits. I will be away all day and would like to have the chicken cooking in the crockpot so I can whip up the gravy when I get home. (I hope that's possible!) I need to be able to feed the small army that will be helping my man move our stuff. Gosh I can't wait to see our house!!!! Today we went into Home Depot to get paint swatches and look around. We plan on redoing our bathroom and were looking at new toilets (sorry, I'm so not into the pink one we currently have) , bathtubs/shower stalls and sinks. We looked at lighting and at some furniture that you stain yourself. Lots to think about!!

We also added me onto Shane's bank account today and opened a US account so I can pay any US bills.

We did a lot today. Now Shane is at the craft show. He went there at 5. I won't see him again until tomorrow morning. Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

I'm craving icecream.

Love and miss you all!

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