Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sore Throats on Sunday Morning

I am suffering from one awful sore throat! It doesn't seem to want to go away. Shane and I got sick the very day after we got married. We've been through colds, the flu and now sore throats! I had bought a ton of medicine from Walmart before we got married, simply because I knew that at one point we would need it. I just didn't realize how soon!

Shane is off hunting this afternoon. Hoping he gets some birds as he would be so excited. He is training Tag so well. It's really neat to see.

Got to go to church this morning. It was great to be back. They are starting a churchwide thing called "40 Days of Purpose" where they are creating some 18 small groups of various interests that will meet for the next six weeks. Thought about joining one but am not too sure. None really appealed to me. There is a potential that meets on Tuesday afternoons. Not sure, we'll see. Also signed up to attend the THRIVE 2007 simulcast. A few years ago when I was here I helped to host it. Now I am thrilled to attend again!! It is a live simulcast with thousands of other women all watching big name Christian authors and speakers. Today was the last day to purchase discounted tickets so Shane bought me one. It's November 3rd and it wasn't until later that we realized that I was supposed to go home that weekend. Oops!! We're going to figure something out!

Well, I'm off to do some reading. I'm feeling crafty so I want to begin some projects. Perhaps tomrrow. Shane begins his first day or work at the hospital. We are so blessed!!!!!! Prayers really do come true. High Five God!!

Have a joy filled day!

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Jennifer said...

Mandi, so glad to hear everything is going so well up in Canada. We miss you here in the U.S.


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