Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Bit About the House...

Last night the girls and I began cleaning the house. Anne and I scrubbed the kitchen down - cupboards inside and out, walls, stove and fridge. I shouldn't say scrubbed because the house is so clean...but you want to get rid of "their" germs and start fresh with your own. :o) Sarah took all the faceplates off of the outlets and light switches. Must remember to count them to see how many we'll need....mental note! She cleaned the bathroom too. Anne and I put together the vaccuum cleaner which I L-O-V-E!! It's a Bissel Velocity (I think) and it's purple! It's really good! Today I was itching to get to the house but instead I did a bit of shopping. Need some lamps...didn't get any though. Bought my sister a Christmas present, and bought myself the same thing bc I loved it so much and bought a big basket to hold rolled towels for inside our bathroom. Thinking back on it later, I realized that we have a linen closet...just not in the bathroom. Still think I'll keep the basket though for the towels anyways. Speaking of which, tomorrow I am going to wash them all with our new washer! Hee, hee, this is fun!!

Tuesday we'll start painting. Unfortunatly, we are going to have to prime the dikens out of the place. They had used high-gloss paint which unfortunatly, needs primed. Grr. It's a lot of square footage to prime and then paint...probably twice. Plus, some of the ceilings need painted!! Ahaha, yes, they had some of the ceilings painted to match the walls. Including the pink rooms!!

Speaking of which, let me tell you about the "Pink Room" as we have so affoconatly been calling it. It's pink. Bright flipping pink-Pepto Bismol on acid. It's BRIGHT. The whole room is painted it. And the ceiling. For a light fixture, there is a hanging crystal type light fixture. In the corner is a hanging crystal mobile thing. It's a nightmare. I ca'nt wait to post pictures!!!!

Today is my mama's birthday! Wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Off to read some blogs. Love and Miss and here's a Kiss!!


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