Friday, November 02, 2007

Mrs. Homeowner

I'm a home owner! Woot woot! I'm a home owner! Woot woot! We got our house today! Oh my goodness does it feel awesome!! Like, I'm as giddy as a goat! I am soooo excited! It's the kind of house that needs new paint in some rooms (as we don't want bright pink rooms or the likes.) But truly, it's a great house! The bathroom needs some major renovations and that is one of our first big projects. We are talking new toilet (not the pink one), new vanity and sink, tub/shower head, floor, everything.

(I hear Halo 3 in the background..........)

The floor is amazing - it's all Pergo (wood type flooring). We have a kitchen, dining room, formal living room, huge living room/den/study, three bedrooms, lots of closets, two fireplaces, a bathroom and a garage. There are two decks, a picnic table and a large yard. Oh my gosh, we are so excited!

Tonight I had to buy some cleaning supplies and toilet paper. Unfortunatly, I didn't bring the laudnry basket FILLED with cleaning supplies that my sister got for me for my shower. GRR!! We were supposed to go home this weekend and weren't supposed to get the house until the 6th so I assumed I would have everything I needed. As I walked through the cleaning product aisles, I gritted my teeth knowing that my sister bought me all of the supplies to help me avoid all of that cost. But...secretly, it was still fun.

We won't be moving in for a couple more days as tomorrow I am at a women's confrence all day (8-5) if! So excited about the confrence...but bugged that I have a new home... Sunday is church. Then Monday we can really get our hands dirty. Tomorrow night I will start some of the cleaning. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Wish you were here sisters!!!! This could be so fun!!!

Well, I'm off to read some articles about painting and such. Love you all! Will try to add pictures soon!!


P.S. Oh my gosh, I own a HOME!!!!!!!!!! It's totally hitting me!!

P.S.S. There was a baby (newborn, born yesterday) that was stolen from a hospital here in town. She was gone for almost 9 hours b4 they found her in a town 3 hours away. There was an Amber Alert and it was scary!!! So thankful they found her safe and sound though. She is now home with her family.

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