Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Been A Long Time...

It really has been a long much has happened. But I'm still the same girl. :)

Christmas was almost a week fact, today is New Year's Eve. I'm at the inlaws house. I'm excited to be here. It seems that we are always coming over. It's so good to have them as relatives, they are great!

This past Christmas was one of the best I've had. We almost weren't able to go, in fact I had called to tell my parents that we wouldn't be making it. It was such a difficult phone call to make. In fact, I had cried for about an hour beforehand. I had my hopes set on going home. I missed my family so much and I needed one of the Loomis Christmas's to get me physced to come back to Canada for another few months of not seeing them. My dad later called to tell us he would give us some money to help us get down there. And in fact, we were able to go. It was such a magical Christmas. My mom had everything decorated so nice. Trees in so many rooms, decorations on the banisters, christmas quilts on the bed. She even had a decorated tree in our "honeymoon suite" with a Christmas quilt on our bed. It was so good to see everyone. Natalie kept hugging me and it melted my heart. I knew that she hadn't forgotten me. I was so thankful to be home. And, at the risk of sounding like a drippy aunt that I know, I'll stop there. My sister Jenny blogged about Christmas so perfectly. She said it all. I have pictures that I hope to post at some point.

We came home with a load of furniture and other belongings of mine. And ugh....our house is a mess as a result. It's so hard finding places for things when you are tripping over boxes, dog kennels, clothing, and more boxes. It's so discouraging. Our hosue does not feel like home yet. Not one bit. We still have not moved into our bedroom - we are still shaking up in the laundry room. We just can't swing that extra bit of $ for ceiling piant. Grrr. Tomorrow we plan to work on "moving in" more. I'm not at all looking forward to it. The idea of it just gives me a headache. And yet, I desperatly wnat to make a home. I've been reading so many articles on decorating and creating a homey feeling...but at this moment, I'm not looking forward to it. So, perhaps I should quit whining and enjoy the evening. I'm not cleaning tonight! :)

One more great thing...I am going to be LEADING Junior High Youth at our church for the next 3 months...maybe longer if there is still no youth pastor. I even have the privelege of picking out my own youth sponser team. I am so so excited about this. Please keep me in your prayers as I take on the young members of our church. I don't know much about the position...will know more on the 3rd or 4th when I have a meeting about the position, but I'm so super siked!! God does answer prayer. I hope to lead, and to lead well.

Wishing everyone a great New Year. Here's to hoping that 2008 is your year of favor.

Pressing On,


Jennifer said...

It's good to hear you had such a great Christmas with us. We enjoyed having you and Shane home as well. We were all so disappointed when we found out you guys would not be coming home and were really excited when you could.

I know you will get your house exactly where you want it to be soon. It takes time... trust me I went through the same thing! Fixer Uppers sound like good ideas because you can plan them any way you want, but they are a lot of work!

It's great to hear about your new position. I am so proud of you. You will be a wonderful leader to those youth as you are such a strong role model. They are really lucky to have you!

jennathenun said...

wow sounds like you had a great christmas! i miss you so much! any plans to visit alberta any time soon? hehe

i hope things start to come together with the house soon and you can move out of your laundry room!


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