Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving, Shopping and Bomb Scares

This must be quick! I have little access to the internet anymore. We don't have a computer at my house...but soon! I went home to have a Thanksgiving with my family. It was such a great great time! I missed home so much and enjoyed being there totally. My little Natalie is walking. It blew my mind to see her!!!

Went Black Friday shopping. Got a $1198 queen mattress set for $200!!!! A Columbia coat originally $210 for $104. Made out well. :) My mom made all us girls "Christmas Bundles" filled with decorations, a homemade table runner, pillow and treeskirt. They are all the same so it will be so cool to think of my sister's homes having the same items as mine.

Began trying to decorate the house. So much to do. Kind of overwhelming. Want to have so much more done but lack of paint and furniture isn't helping. But, it's coming a bit. It really is a treat to unpack my boxes and see all of the things I have purchased and collected through the years. It's like mini-christmases!!

We have our new phone number and address so email me if you need it!

Also, there has been a bomb scare at Shane's work. Been something they have known about since January but the date they said the bomb would be going off is tomorrow. Please be praying for him and for all of the workers...that nothing will happen...or if it does that Shane is not harmed. He may be staying home tomorrow...he won't be the only one though. Pretty big deal here. Scary! I'm praying!! Please pray too!!

Love you all!! Will try to write more soon. Just have a few minutes. Warmest wishes!!!

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Jennifer said...

So glad you had fun while at home with us. It was so nice to get to see you again as a married woman. So nice to see Shane as well. We had much fun.

Shane and his work are in our prayers right now. Keep us updated on what is going on. So Scarey!


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