Thursday, June 26, 2008

When Bears Attack

Ok, so no bears actually attacked...but there was one giant cub (not the tiny little guy you are thinking of but a big almost bear) sunning himself a few houses down from us. Right there on the driveway. This is the second bear sighting on my street in the past couple weeks. A few blocks away I saw a bear about a month ago. Shanebaby saw this guy on his way home from work and rushed in to call the Nuisance Bear line. Couldn't find the phone number so I looked while he jumped back in the truck to check and see if there were any children around (there is a park at the end of our street). None to be found. I snagged a few pics of Smokey but alas, can't post bc I am on a computer at the library. Why oh why must my computer be broken?! Arg! I'll post them one day if I can.

Okay, so I had this GIANT post planned in my head. I'd been planning it since last night. Not feeling the energy to write it all out though. I will though. I must. It's more about going green. More choices I am making. More that we are doing. So much more. You have got to check out Gorgeously Green!! I mean, you must. This book is divine!! I can't get enough of it.

So, I'm off to surf the web. I need some mindlessness. There is a ROWDY family here at the library. A mean mom and a cranky dad - two rowdy rowdy kids - LOUD the whole lot. No hushing librarians to be found. Gah.

Love, Mandi

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