Friday, August 29, 2008

No More Summer Vacay

Ahhhh...I'm back. After taking about a month off to enjoy summer, I'm back to blogging. Camp was great. It was really refreshing and I enjoyed myself so much. I am truly praying to go back again next year - this time renting our own cabin. Seven people and a dog (well, now two!) in a trailer, just doesn't work. We made it work and thankfully everything was really organized, but it would probably be better if we had our own place next year. So, my true prayer is, that if God has a place for us at Spring Bay next year, that he will provide the money and the cute cottage! :)

My family also were able to come up for a long weekend! That was truly great. It was their first time visiting me in Canada and it was honestly a fabulous weekend. I was able to get my dining room and hallways painted before they came so that was a major plus in my book. The color is "English Oak" by Kilz. (Best paint, ever!)

We also got a new puppy. She's about 10 weeks old right now. Cutest darn thing you ever did see! She's an English Springer Spaniel like Tag. She has giant dark brown spots on top of a blinding white coat and an all brown head.We've named her 'Bee' but her official name (for her papers) will be 'Honey Bee'. *As I was writing this, my SIL came in the house holding Bee and said she wasn't breathing. I got up to check on her and she immediately threw up a giant ball of yuk - almost on my bare toes. She threw up two more times and seems to be doing okay. Whew!*

I've found some great treasures at yard sales and the thrifty store that have been altered and are just loving living at my house. I've taken pictures. Oh have I ever - and soon I'll be posting them. Grr for a broken home computer and grr for not being able to load pix onto the computer at the library and double grr that Walmart charges $5 for 24 pix to a CD. But that's what I'll so. Bc I love pix! And so need them on my bloggy blog.

One final note...hubs is heading to school on Monday. Not just any school. Three hours away. For two months. Yeah. You read that correctly. He's renting an apartment and everything. He will be home on the weekends so that works. But still. We went school shopping for supplies and I've been packing him goodies to go. Tomorrow (or Sunday) I'll bake some quick breads, muffins and cookies for he and his friend, Kyle that he is staying with. Wow...whatever shall I do with a house to myself...hmm...I wonder....Hello House!!!!


Chris said...

I'm kind of commenting "off topic" here, but I didn't know if you'd see it. I just copied down every. word. of your meal planning how-to! I'm back to work this Tuesday, and I am DESPERATELY trying to come up with a new attack on having dinner every night with my family! Thanks for the help!!

Tonya said...

Mandi, you are so sweet to leave such kind words on my blog! After looking through your profile and reading some on your blog, I'm certain we'd be fast friends! Any girl who loves Steel Magnolias is a friend of mind b/c "if you can't say something nice, come sit by me!(typed in my most southern accent) ;) I love that line!

I'm sorry to hear you miss your family. Moving away from your family has got to be one of the hardest things to do. And then to have hubby go away to poor thing! I'll be praying for ya girl!

Again, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm pretty new at it, but am having a ton of fun. I'm pretty random, but Eli give me lots of material! I've got an 8yo daughter, Emma, who is constantly embarrassed by her brothers antics.

Tonya said...

Hey Mandi, it's me again! :) I meant to tell you to check out my BFF's blog:

She'll keep you laughing!


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