Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anniversarys and Thanksgiving and Bears, Oh My!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! You heard me right, keep reading. :)

What a weekend! Really, it was so busy and jammed full that I was hardly able to catch my breath. Here it is Tuesday afternoon and I'm finally feeling like I can catch up on all that's going on in Blogland. I do so love reading all that's going on in your lives. Here's a bit of what happened with me!

Well, we were supposed to go to PA to visit with my family for the weekend. It was to be an anniversary getaway for us. Some people go on fancy trips to places like Mexico or the Bahama's for their one-year...we hop on down to PA. It's a total treat! Only, we weren't able to go. The morning we were to leave (Friday) the check engine light came on in our truck as Shane was hanging up signs all over town for a craft show. (He does security for the three-day event as well as helps promote it.) Well, needless to say, we didn't go. Our truck seems to break down once a month and it's always a giant bill to get it fixed. So, we reluctantly stayed home. But, I still had to get to a border to renew my visa. It would expire on the 16th and then I legally could not be in Canada. So we had to go somewhere. The closest border was three hours away - Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. So, Saturday, we took our fur babies to my inlaws house, rented a great car (candy apple red 2008 Dodge Calibur)
and headed out on the open road. The plan was to hit the border, renew my visit then cross into MI for a little shopping. We ended up driving to Gaylord, MI which was about an hour and a half from the border. So, a 4 1/2 hour trip.

It was so great to be in MI! I was able to go to the Dollar Tree (Can you believe it?? I was most thrilled about the dollor store!). I scooped up 24 items - mostly Christmas related things. I'm working on some projects that I can't wait to show you! Perhaps when it's a little closer to snow time.

Monday was our anniversary as well as Canadian Thanksgiving!! Turkey day! My mouth is watering thinking about the yummy food. Shane and I hosted while my mum-in-law and sis-in-law made most of the food. I hammered out the mashed potatoes, squash, and two appetizers (dips). Shane's grandparents ended up coming as well and it was such a treat to have them over. We all got to visit and it was truly a nice way to spend Thanksgiving.

About half an hour after everyone left, Shane and I were in the living room and all of a sudden he goes "Holy! Look at that bear!" Across the street from us, there was a giant black bear meandering around our neighbors front lawn. I ran to grab my camera to snap some pix - all of which didn't turn out. Grr. He headed down through some other neighbors yards and into their backyard. Meanwhile, I heard kids voices and could see out the corenr of the window that there were some kids coming down the road on their bikes. I ran outside (luckely a mom was with them). I shouted "Ma'am, there is a bear over in this yard." She said thank you and headed back to where they had come from. During all of this, Shane's ride to school came and as they were loading Shane's gear, the bear came back - walking through the yards back into the neighbors yard directly across from our house, into their backyard, and back into the woods. Wow, it was a sight! This makes for the third actual bear I've seen in my life, but we've certainly had our fair share of them in our neighborhood this year!

Today, Canada is electing a new Prime Minister. It's a huge deal here (obviously!) but so different from the campaigns Presidents run in the states. The election was called for just 5 weeks ago and PM's are in office for just 2 years (I'm pretty sure!). As well, all of the elected officials are up for reelection. So, tomorrow there may just be a new leader of Canada!

Wow, lots of business! Thanks for hanging in to the bottom of my post! I'm off to go read what ya'll have been up to this past weekend. Can't wait!!

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Tonya said...

Oh man, I can't believe you weren't able to go to PA. But hey, you got to see a bear! ;) That would have totally freaked me out.

We're having no luck on the thumb sucking ban in our home. It doesn't help at all that Eli's sick right now either. Do you have any suggestions? I've tried this stuff called "Thum"...it's main ingredient is cayenne pepper extract. He doesn't like it, but doesn't hate it enough to keep his thumb out of his mouth.

I didn't realize Canada had Thanksgiving so much earlier than we do in the states. Very interesting!


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