Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bits and Bops

Hey ya'll! I've been getting a few emails that my blog has been in it is gone. I haven't done anything to it and everytime I go to check if it is still around, it is. I'm not to sure what is going on...again...Blogger gives me problems. I'm not going anywhere sista's! :o)

So, Canada held their election yesterday. Things stayed the same...same Prime Minister. Same same. Seemed almost silly to hold an election and waste so many tax dollars. Or at least that is what people are saying. I myself don't understand politics. It messes up my mind and causes me to think waaaay to hard. So, end of conversation. Just be sure to vote people. Vote. That's all I can say. If I can send my ballot in 1000 miles away, you can drive to your local polling station. Vote. Nuf said.

I just want to tell you about something great I saw in Blogland. I read Joys of Home each and every single day and boy does this woman and her hubby come up with some amazing projects. She's the queen with a can of spray paint and she's great at telling you how to do the projects. Anyways, today was a knock-you-over kind of post. She showed how to make a three day emergency food canister. It holds enough food to sustain one person for 72 a 3 qt jug! All you need to do is supply the drinking water to make this little kit truly work. Hop on over to her site to get the photos and full instructions. I have a number of hunters in my family that this will really work for. But as she points out, it's small enough to fit in your glove box. Since we have horrible winters in Northern Ontario, an unreliable truck and stretches of highway that don't even get radio station reception...I'm going to make some of these. And it also reminds me to make some canisters for our doggies as we rarly travel without their furry selves. Run, don't walk over to Joys of Home.

Here's to hoping you all have a wonderful day today! Tomorrow I will be adding to my home tour and will be posting pix of our bathroom. Be afraid people, be very afraid. That's all I have to say. :)

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Tonya said...

You're right, there is rarely a dull moment in our home! I cracked up all day just thinking about that picture! Emma is my super reserved, shy child. She got embarrassed that so many people were going to see the picture and possibly laugh at it.

I loved Joys of Homes post about the emergency food canister! What an amazing idea! I really need to get something like that made for our family. And great idea about making them for the hunters in our lives. My older brother runs a guide service for deer and turkey hunting.

Have a great weekend girlfriend! I've got a photo shoot w/a shy senior guy in the morning. It should be fun!


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