Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What's In My...Pantry

I forgot to post a WIM post last week so I'm making up for it today. I showed you my pantry last week and now you get to take a peak inside. Here's what an old tv armoir can do for you and your food storage!

This is what the whole she-bang looks like straight on.

The top row is directly at my eye level. It holds things that we mostly use daily (coffee, straws, s & p grinders, dog treats) as well as our canned goods.

Mom's homemade strawberry jam.

The second shelf holds pastas, cereals, croutons, cake mixes - the boxed goodies.

What cupboard would be complete without Ina Gartens coconut cupcake mix?

The third shelf...well...this is the junk food shelf. Notice how small it is? That's pshycological people. I keep things for Shane's lunches (packaged items like puddings and apple sauce cups) here as well. That is some of what is in the basket. Seperating items out of their packages gives us more space.

On the bottom shelf we keep our potatoes, onions and garlic. In seperate bins. This is where unopened larger items (bottles of pop and mega pancake mix boxes go.)

I showed you in a previous post what was on top of my cupboard, well here is what is on the side. My apron.

Thanks for taking a peek! :)


The Browns said...

I'm so glad you are posting pictures now. It's really neat to see your house and all your decorations. I had to start a new blog since I could no longer access my old one. Here is the link: Feel free to stop by. ~Jenn

Tonya said...

Who have the most organized pantry ever? Oh, it's Mindi! ;) My pantry is a disorganized mess and I'd rather die before I took pictures of it.

You're so brave!


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