Monday, October 06, 2008

Our Cozy Home - Living Room

Hi ya'll! I trust you had a great weekend. I sure did. Shane was home and we had a really good time spending time together. In some ways, his absence (being away at school most of the week) has made us stronger as a couple. He went back to school last night and I won't see him again until Thursday evening. That Thursday we are heading to Pennsylvania! Whoo Hooo!!! I am beyond excited!!! I get to see my family and friends. Enjoy walking around Walmart (which is not so easy to do here as there are always 1,000,000+ people clogging the messy ailes.) I may be a little partial to my hometown Walmart as I worked there for almost three years.

This upcoming weekend is also this amazing craft show at our local ski resort, Peek and Peak. My mom, sisters and I go every year. Plus (!!), Monday just happens to be Shane and my (is that proper??) one year anniversary. We aren't sure what special things we will do, but happiness will be found in my beloved PA. I'm excited to see the leaves changing, my awesome family and hopefully some of my friends. I'll gather the last of my belongings that haven't yet made it with me across the border and hopefully will get to do some S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!! We'll see how much of that goes down as I must be realistic - I can't work and bc Shane is in school fulltime, we are on unemployment. (For those who are new to my blog, he's going to trade school - his apprenticeship requires that he go.) On our way back home to Canada, I have to get my visa renewed, so hopefully everything goes smoothly with that. Please say a little prayer for us as you just never know if you will be dealing with cranky or anal border guards.

So, on to fun things!! I have some photos to show you of my living room! When we moved into our house, this room was a light light light powder blue color, complete with powder blue sheer curtains and a hideous, stinky blue couch that looks like it came straight from 1980. I was greatful though that the homeowners had left us some furniture and the curtains as we were starting out poor as church mice and with little furniture. But, I couldn't wait to redo the room. Finally, we are at a space where it is mostly finished with a few decorating tweeks still to be made and perhaps some other furniture peices to be purchased at another time. For now, this is my favorite room in our house. So, welcome to my living room!

If I'm lying, I'm dying that those curtains cover a window the entire width of the room. We have another big window in our den that is one whole wall as well. Great that it brings in light but a real downer that they need replaced. Mucho grande bucks. Anyways, this is a view of my space when you walk in the room.

Oh, hello sofa. Our set actually came with different pillows but they were brown and red and didn't go with our color scheme. You'll see them later when you see my dining room. We replaced them with these navy and white babies that I got at the grocery store for $1 each.

Our coffee table was from Shane's parents. They had it in their home when they were newlyweds (I think). Anyways, it's a sturdy sucker that Shane sits on to play video games and is roomy enough for my large Scrabble board when we play games. I keep current magazines, books and paper in the basket. We are always reading and it is easier to keep everything corraled in there. The wire stars are one of my faves. I had another strand in there but recently removed it. You'll see it elsewhere later.

One of the pieces I purchased before we got married was this great sofa table. I scooped it on clearance at Walmart and am just in love with it. It also makes it easy to store so many of our DVD's that don't fit in our canvas baskets.

Our bookcases. Well, the ones in this room anyway. We have six bookcases in our house and these two reside in the living room. I hate the visual clutter of books so I've tried to make them pleasing to my eyes. Our DVD's are housed in those white canvas bins (alphabetically of course). And perhaps you may begin to see my

slight obsession with stars.

Our tv stand. Feel sorry for us that we are BORROWING a 13-inch tv that has bunny ears. We get three channels. My daddy built me the tv stand (well it was for my stereo) when I was in highschool. This is another of my most favorite peices.

Our chair that likes to sit in the corner and some more staaaars.

This corner electric fireplace came with our home. It can be a bear to decorate though because there is just so much space and again, I don't like a lot of visual clutter. Don't you just love how I haven't blown up the wedding pic yet and it just sits in that giant frame? The basket holds quilts that my mom made me throughout the years. I'm so lucky!

This Canada Dry crate will eventually be going to live in our den but for now it is home to library books, wedding albums, and a little basket for our remotes. I also stick the phone in there when I'm watching tv. Then I always know where it is.

So, this is our living room! Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!


Blissfully Enamored said...

i love your little house! it's so cute and cozy! i am sure that some garlic cheese biscuits will smell delish in it too!! please try them this week! they are SOOOOO stinking good and so easy!!

Blissfully Enamored said...

thank you so much for your super sweet and encouraging note!! i really appreciate it!!! :)

Tonya said...

Dang girl, you've been busy posting! ;)

I'd love to have huge windows in my house. I don't get much natural light in my home and I hate it!

Your living room looks so cozy. I'm sure we could park ourselves on the couchs and chat for hours!

Shannon said...

HI!!!! I have been trying forever to come to your blog and leave a comment! For some reason, whenever I clicked on your name it showed your profile page but it didn't show a blog page. I loved scrolling through your posts and think your living room is so cute!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

I love all the stars -- you've used them well... not too many but enough to tell you love them. :) It certainly is cozy and warm!!


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