Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Few Scores

Hi friendlies! Just wanted to share with you a bit of my day yesterday. I was able to do a little shopping for some beauty products. I find that I always seem to "run out" of items all at once so what should be a small purchase ends up being much more than I had hoped. But, yesterday I scored some great deals!

First, I was out of shampoo. I discovered the love of Down Under's Nude Hair Conditioner. It is a paraben, phosphate free line and absolutely smells DIVINE. It makes my hair feel like absolute silk so I couldn't wait to be done with my current shampoo so I could buy Down Unders version. (I would add a pic - but was too nervous to type the words Down Under Nude into a search engine). Anyways, I didn't buy it....because....I found the exact hair dye that I use combined with a regular sized bottle of shampoo...for $5. The price of the combo was the same price as the Down Under shampoo. Score!

Then I headed to this store called Liquidation World that sells items way under cost. They have come from stores that went bankrupt or bought too much merch or even were from areas that had a natural disaster. Well, I found American Eagle ballet flats (tons of colors and styles) for $5!! I was beyond excited. I'm heading back there tonight to pick up a few pairs. I wanted to check my clothes to see which ones would be the best for me to buy. The first pic below is actually a pair that I already own that I wear all the time. So cute. I love the bows!

On a more depressing note...it snowed here last night. Yeah. Snow. Lots of it. And they are calling for more. I guess people had to use their ice scrappers in the morning. Goodness. So, this afternoon I will be cleaning out our truck and making sure that our ice scraper is there. I'm not looking forward to the winter weather. Ick!

I can't wait to show you all my new project that I am working on. I started last night and am busy putting it all together. I can't wait to show you what it is. I'm hoping that each of you can take my idea and run with it in your own homes. Hope everyone has a great evening!! -M

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Sarah said...

Hey there Mandi, Oooh I can't wait to see your new project! Are you going to post pics?

I posted my first post a few minutes ago.

By the way that is such a cute background! It kind of reminds me of a scrapbooking layout.

Well see ya soon. Sarah!


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