Friday, October 03, 2008

Our Cozy Home - The Kitchen

Hi ya'll! I'm going to post some pix of my kitchen. Though I'm not at a space where my decor is where I want it to be (well, some is) I'm posting some pix of my home for some of my non-bloggy friends who read to see what I'm up too. You can enjoy too!! Here is our kitchen!

A view from our den/second living room.

Our "pantry". Actually it's an old tv cabinent that holds yummy's just as well. Picture the door with chalkboard paint. Haven't got to that part yet.

On top of the pantry. The yellow jar holds some of my cookie cutters.

Stove. Yeah. Another face peeking back at me. Hello Mr. Egg Whisker.

Utensils and baking goodies. More cookie cutters for decoration.

Self explanitory. :) But my soap stand is actually a pedestal candle holder with a small square dish on top. Love it!

I love all things black rod (wrought??) iron and scrolly. This is in the corner of the kitchen. The "C" is something I made as a table decoration at our wedding.

Doggy water dish of course!

A P.O.O.P.I.E. and my hubbys idea of decorating - just stick a Trace Adkins CD on the shelf. Also my pineapple candleholder that I painted black as black can be!

Our kitchen table - as per now until we get real chairs for our real table that resides in another room. For now, this works great! Hubby got it when he worked at Pier 1.

I got this little guy on our honeymoon.

These cookie jars live on top of my fridge. They hold more cookie cutters (yes, I love them!!). The lids I sprayed with chalkboard just can't tell bc I don't have any chalk yet!

I made this sign the other day. It's really an ugly Halloween plaque that I bought at the Dollar Store and altered.

I love my clock! There is that scrollyness again.

An ortament hook with my loves: stars and pears. Yum!

I repurposed this wine rack from the thrift store and as you can see, rolled my hand towels and stuck them in there. Scrollyness. What what?!

And lastly, the view from the dining room/entrance way of my house!

We'll do more of a house tour either this weekend or Monday. I'm spending time with my hubby this weekend so we'll see. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tonya said...

Cute! I'm so jealous of your huge kitchen window above your sink. And can't wait to see the pantry w/chalk board paint. You should be able to find some sidewalk chalk on clearence right comes in some super fun colors.

I love your new look! It makes me want to get a blanket and a cup of cider! ;)

How's the Canadian weather? Have fall kicked in yet? The leaves haven't really started changing here yet. Soon though I'm sure. We've been having beautiful weather this week...low's in the upper 40's and high's in the low to mid-70's. Perfect weather for me to break out my favorite KU hoodie that I swiped from my hubby! ;)

Joy said...

Thanks for the tour of your pretty red kitchen. I think the pantry doors will look great painted with chalkboard paint. I used the spray kind so it made the job easy.

I really enjoyed your post about the missing girl. She's very lucky that you were in tune with the spirit to be lead to help her.

Have a delightful weekend.

Blissfully Enamored said...

I am so excited that you stopped by my blog!! let me know if you find any great shoes or clothes! i am ALWAYS looking for fun and cheap things!! :) your blog is too cute!!!


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