Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Would You Like To Win This Quilt?

Aren't you just drooling? I know I am! I have always loved quilts. My grandma made beautiful handmade quilts and she passed that knowledge on to my mom who in turn is always in her sewing room creating fabulous things. Whenever there is a milestone in life, my mom makes us a quilt...graduation, wedding, baby...or just because! We are really lucky!

But, I can always use another quilt.

And when I saw this one in a giveaway, I just had to enter myself. Don't you want to win too? Then head on over to The Handmade Quilter for your chance. You won't be sorry you did. I'm just hoping that I win. *wink wink*


Shannon said...

Thanks for the link! That is beautiful!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today. The Lincoln print came from TJ Maxx. There's also a Washington print, but I haven't seen them in there for awhile. You can go to and get the two prints by themselves and then mount them. Good luck! : )

Nicole said...

That quilt is gorgeous, thanks for the link. You need to post some pictures of your quilts, I love handmade quilts.

Tonya said...

I agree w/Nicole, you need to post pix of your quilts. I've always wanted to try making one, but I seriously lack the patience to actually finish one.

I'm so glad to hear the problem w/your truck wasn't major. We had to get a new car in April after our van was stolen during the break-in of our home. Car shopping was not a pleaseant experience! By the end of the day my husband and I were not even speaking to each other. Good times! ;)

I bet you're so excited to go visit your family...and to be w/them for Thanksgiving!

How often do you guys work craft shows? Do you have your own booth or what?

Welp chica, have a great weekend!

Blissful Nikki said...

that is a BEAUTIFUL quilt! Thanks for sharing the link!!

Sarah said...

Hey Mandi, I haven't really been following the Organized Christmas countdown yet. I hope to start soon though. That quilt is really pretty!

Anonymous said...



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