Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today I wanted to show some craftiness in my home. My mind is always going about how I can alter things so here are some projects that I have done recently.

This little sign was at once a freaky looking Halloween sign. Since I am not a huge Halloween supporter, I altered this baby up a bit. The shape of the sign was great, even better that the edges were already painted black, and it came with the fancy hangin' ribbon. Bonus all around! $1 well spent. (I bought another for a Christmas sign - so look for that in a future post!)

I added the papers - gluing down with my trusty glue stick. I then sanded the papers to remove any hard edges. I placed the ribbon down and then added the lettering. Lastly I painted the chipboard that lovely mustard color. You may have seen this pic b4 when I did the tour of my kitchen.

This sweet potata came from the thrift store. This adorable little guy was once a mirror. That idea seemed totally impractical too me as I just could not imagine bending my head down to peer in the tiny little mirror. So I altered it up. I added a soft khaki scrapbook paper that is covered with tiny white polka dots to the mirror. Again, just glue sticked it down. Then, I cut and fitted the "Charmed Life" tag onto the paper. It's from the Wild Asparagus line of scrapbook paper. It cost me 60 cents but you could just as easly make one on your computer. I then added the bow for a little color. I love all things rod iron and scrolly so this little frame makes my heart skip a beat!

I made this door hanger last winter. It hangs proudly on my linen closet door. Please don't pay any attention to that trim that has yet to be painted. Remember, I LOATHE painting. Ooo...that really is embarrassing. Ugh, I need to paint.

So hope you enjoyed the crafties. An update about the loan/car situation. We were approved for the loan! And it was a really good amount that we were approved for. Last night we had the truck towed to the garage to I guess fix the starter or whatever just so happens to be wrong with it this time. But, we are going to begin the hunt for a new vehicle! Can't wait!!


the undomesticated wife said...

I love your projects! They are super cute! I need to get some motivation! I'm hoping I'll start working on something this weekend. :) Hope you're having a nice week!

Chris said...

Not a huge Halloween supporter?? WHAT? Okay, I'll let it slide since those crafts are waaaay cute! I love them!

Shannon said...

I love your projects! So cute!

Jennifer said...

Okay, you are so creative!!! What fun and pretty projects. Love how artsy you are girl!!

ThriftyDecorChick said...

These are SO stinkin cute! Love it all! You are so creative with them all. I have not visited in a while so I'm off to read more. :)

debra said...

Cute stuff! I can't wait to see more.


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