Friday, November 21, 2008

Yankee Candles

Hi gals! I've had so much fun seeing what movies ya'll like to watch during the holidays. There were many mentioned that I have never watched so this season, I hope to pop me some popcorn and settle in for some new movie watchin'! Oh yeah! And I nearly forgot one of my other favorites...Christmas With the Kranks! GREAT movie! I laugh and cry! I just finished watching it with my parents. If you haven't seen it, you MUST. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are so great in this movie.

I wanted to share a great deal with ya'll that Yankee Candle is offering. It's a buy 2 get 2 sale on their large jar candles. This applies to the large jar candles and their large 2-wick candles. If you did not recieve your coupon in the mail, never fear, I've provided the links for you. Just clip and present to your nearest Yankee retailer. Does not apply to outlet stores or Pier 1. You can shop online (there is a coupon code) or at any participating retailer!

Yankee Candle Website
Yankee Candle Retail Coupon

Here's a little hint: The large jars are usually priced between $23 and $25 depending on where you shop. So, that is about $50 for four candles...essentially. I, myself, have a hard time justifying $50 in candle purchases even if I thought I would give them away...which I probably wouldn't bc I love candles so much. I'm a Scrooge. So! My mom and I are splitting the coupon. So we each get two candles for the price of one.

And one more hint!: Do you know how to properly smell a Yankee Candle? I usually just stick my nose right on up close and take a little wiff but I learned how wrong I was. My moms friend went to the Yankee Candle factory in Vermont *I think* and there learned that the proper way to smell the candle is to remove the lid and sniff inside of the lid itself! It really does make a difference! Not nearly as strong and probably more true to what they smell like when they burn.

So get to printing your coupons! Let me know if you use one! I'd love to know what scent you get. I'm thinking either Vanilla Cupcake, Shortbread and/or Home Sweet Home. My mom is hoping for Cinnamon Sugar and Jack Frost. We'll see!

Offer expires November 30th so hurry!

EDIT: I ended up getting 'Home Sweet Home' and 'Shortbread Cookie'. I also got a 'Cranberry Peppermint' votive and a 'White Chocolate Mint' tart. Mom got 'Candied Apple' and 'Jack Frost' as well as a 'Coconut Bay' tart and a 'Bayberry' tart. We had so much fun selecting our scents!


Sarah said...

Hi there Mandi, What a great deal! I have the cinnamon and sugar one and it smells awesome. It snowed here a few nights ago. It was bees first real snowfall, she was a little confused at first, but they love just playing in it in the back. P.S. We got your message, but it was too late to call you by the time we got it.


Genevieve said...

Those candles are the yummiest.

the undomesticated wife said...

Believe it or not, I knew about the lid sniffing! LOL

Right now I have a Macintosh scented Yankee. I love it. So fallish.

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

Hi Mandi! Stopping by from SITS. You have a great story!! Thanks for the candle information!

Sarah said...

hi mandi, we miss you guys so much too. The dogs are going to be so exited to see you and shane. They have been really good.
This morning I woke up and I was getting ready for church and I moved my head a funny way and I pulled something in my neck. So I am trying to just lay still for a while before I have to work.

Did you end up getting any yankee candles? I ordered their scented catalogue.

Well enjoy the rest of your trip! And could ya bring back some of that snow your getting?:)

Mandi said...

I LOVE Yankee candles and need some right now! Thanks for the post. I am a pumpkin pie gal during this time of year. It is burning on my stove as we speak.

I learned the "proper" way to smell candles at a Yankee store, and it really does make a difference. Thanks for sharing!


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