Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Running as Fast as I Can to Catch Up!

Saturday I had these amazing plans to decorate my home for Christmas. I'd been trying all week to get our laundry washed, the house swept free of the big tufts of white dog hair that collects constantly. Trying to make my home just shine so that come Saturday I could deck my halls. I had a marvelous meal planned with a ham, biscuits, veggies and maybe even a pie! Shane was to go hunting so I would be dog and hubby free to put on a Christmas movie and get to work.

It all started wonderfully. I put a load of red flannel sheets into the washer to get nice and clean. I was busy taking down my fall decor and neatly tucking it away until next year.

And then hubby came home early.

And the beauty of the moment came crashing to a halt.

Our laundry room was flooded.

For about an hour the washing machine was spewing forth water all over into my laundry room. (It's a normal sized room...we had to sleep in there for awhile when we first bought our house due to painting in our bedroom.) And it was flooded.

My beautiful day was ruined.

As we worked fevereshly to clean the mess, my heart sank. We still had our ham. And instead of being dressed in a nice sweater, hair nicely done, I was unshowered. Still in my pajamas. Tear stained face. (It was a stressful day).

All of this put me behind in my decorating, organizing, blog reading and updating. I have so much to say! So many things to blog about! So many new blogs I want to get to. Please bear with me. I'm fevershly trying to catch up.

Tonight I will deck my halls. Shane is at night school so I have the house to myself. I will be putting on "Christmas wtih the Cranks" and decorating my heart out! I want to participate in some tours of homes so I better get my behind in gear!

I wanted to leave you with this great stocking stuffer idea.

Yesterday, my charming inlaws came over to celebrate my sis-in-law, Anne's, birthday. They were so sweet in giving me a hostess gift. It's a mini-holiday reed diffuser from Pier One. The great thing about these sweet little scented things is that they are mini. Perfect for the holidays. And come in these amazing flavors of gingerbread (that's what I have), chocolate mint, and chocolate cherry. Perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift!


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear your decorating plans were all washed up. Yes, pun was intended. What a bummer!

I hope you have fun tonight decorating and I can't wait to tour your own home all beautified for the holidays!

the undomesticated wife said...

Oh no! What a mess! I spent Saturday cleaning all day so that I could start decorating too, only to make another mess to clean up (but you have to clean first, because you have to get to all the areas you won't be able to get to once the decorations/trees are up, right?!)

I love the mini diffusers! I saw some that my mother had when we were down there for Thanksgiving and I had to have them. They smelled soooo good, and were strong, unlike a lot of them. Turns out they were from Walmart of all places! And three diffusers for $5! I have boycotted Walmart for years, but since prices have been crazy the past few months at Target, we have been going to Walmart. Blah! Anyway, it's funny we're doing the same things right now...decorating/cleaning and putting out new diffusers. LOL

Tonya said...

Oh man, that stinks! Hey, maybe now you can turn it into the luxurious laundry room you've been dreaming of! ;)

I haven't blogged about it yet, but we fired our realtor Monday and took our house off the market. She was doing NOTHING!!! So, we'll be interviewing realtors and trying to find someone who is pretty aggressive and wants to sell our house as much as we want it sold. We'll relist it in late winter/early spring.

Love those cute little reed diffusers! How thoughtful of your in-law's!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Oh no!!! Sorry this happened, but I'm glad that your hubby at least was able to be home to help clean up! Here's hoping that that's the only glitch in your decorating plans :)!

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

OH no!! If it makes you feel any better, it's taken me over a week and a half to get it all out and I'm still not done. I am determined to get it all done this week!! I hope you got a chance to get it out!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh my gosh, I would have been so frustrated! I guess the best of intentions don't always pan out!

Mandi said...

Girl! My decorating plans got messed up too, but I got it done today. Love the diffusers. I've not tried Pier One's, but I will now. By the way, the Yankee Candles are on their way to me now! Thanks for the coupons!

Adam & Jessica said...

I have been trying to decorate all week! The tree has been up for 4 days and I am just now decorating it!! Cant wait to see pics of your house all done up for the holidays! :)


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