Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Little Pantry Re-Do

The past couple days have been busy days for me...busy days busteling around my house. Trying to work on some projects. Overhaul some of our decorating choices and finally getting this place in order. We are going to add a wall pretty soon to our second living room. The new room created will be a mudroom/hall that our doggies can mingle and mix and be once they come in muddy and wet from a romp in the woods...and not my living room anymore. I'm super excited about this upcoming project! While I had wanted it to be this weekend, we think it will be a couple more weeks as we get a few more things in order for that.

So! A while ago I posted photos of my kitchen and then later I showed you my entertainment center armoire turned pantry. Well, I've never quiet finished it as I've wanted to paint a chalkboard on it for some time. I finally did! I also added some heart shaped hooks that I've had for a few years to hold hand towels and a doo-dad. (A wooden Valentine's day heart is there now.) We all know we aren't supposed to hang our hand towels from our stove handles, right? Well, I just had to find a new spot.

On the other side, I've hung another hook that now holds my apron.

On top of the shelf, I've put some of my favorite cookbooks in a basket. You can see my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, oh, and there is Ina, Paula and Rachel in there too.

I'm still toying with the things on top of the pantry, but for now it's workin' for me! I've got more plans for INSIDE the pantry...but those will come later. Hope everyone has a good night!

Tipsy Trick: I had masked off my area to paint my chalkboard but had failed to really seal the one sides tape down. There was a big oopsy mess when I peeled back the paint and found a bunch of paint where it should not have been. I quickly cleaned it up by doing this: I got some baby oil, smoothed it onto the paint, and used a little elbow grease to buff away the offending paint. I tried a little nail polish remover to remove a litle paint elsewhere and the paint barely budged. Lesson learned, peel up tape after a few minutes of painting and use that baby oil to clean up paint smears. Baby oil, olive oil and Skin So Soft take paint off...oil especially...when you've gotten it onto your skin after a painting session.


Mandi said...

Looks like you have been really busy, and it looks great! I have been intending to try some chalkboard painting of my own. Thanks for the cleanup tip. Those hooks are adorable too!

Genevieve said...

love the basket!

Stephanie said...

ooohhhhhh looks so good!! Job well done! And thanks for the handy tip - I LOVE great tips!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the way your shelf on top of the pantry looks - so cute!

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh girl!!! I am obsessed with Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!! Now we definitely need to recipe swap!


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