Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Suprise of a Lifetime...For Me Anyways

Remember when I mentioned that our door was not shutting properly? I think I failed to really go into the drama of it all because it was far to freaky to think that I could see outdoors from inside my home. That I was locked IN my house because the lock and frame were so completely warped. Or that after the door frame was shored up, we learned that our door was so shoddy that anyone could just lay a little weight onto it and get into our house. Or how many numerous times we've been locked out of our house from a frozen solid door lock. Oh the agony.

Well, one exciting thing that happened when we were in PA was this.

A new door!

Our friend Kevin came over, busted in (pushing a few times with his skinny shoulder on our crummy door) and replaced our door with this sweet one! It is so wonderful. It is all that I could ask for and more. No butterfly window. No brassy handles. Little windows at the top. And a lock that is so nice that you can actually change it to three different settings so that you have basically three different locks. It was an amazing suprise and a wonderful present from our friend. I was so truly grateful.

I can sleep soundly at night.

So, has your lock ever been frozen? Frozen solid. So frozen that you have bent your key trying to get into your home? Oh, you haven't? Lucky. Oh, you have? My sympathys. Here is the advice we have learned.

Forget the lock de-icer. Doesn't work. At all. When the inside of your lock is frozen. You'll waste your money and probably get in a fight with your significant other at 11 pm. Did I mention that you're frozen out of your house? You can try to use a lighter to heat your key so that you can put that heat inside the frozen lock. This usually doesn't work. Bent keys and too many fire hazards. Leave a window open. Definalty haven't tried that one when it's -25.

What does work? WD40. It is a miracle worker. We keep a bottle on our porch and one in the truck to get our lock back to working order. Just spray. And wait a minute or two. Try key. May need to spray again. But usually, you'll get right in.

Oh the perils of living in Northern Ontario.


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Ya'll need to escape to FL for a visit. It was 80 degrees today. Come on down:)

Mandi said...

What a GREAT FRIEND you have! I would never survive there. I am a worry wart and would have driven my poor husband crazy until it got fixed. I have never even experienced temps that cold, and honestly hope I never do!

How is the citizenship coming? And Weight Watchers?

Holly said...

That's a good friend! Love the new door, and I'm glad it locks!

Genevieve said...

what a blessing to have such a caring friend! Glad you got it fixed.

Stephanie said...

Wow what a great friend you have! I have never had that trauma/drama/chilliness.. but I do know there are a few must have's in life:
duct tape

Jessica said...

What an amazing friend!!!! We don't have those kindsw of prob;ms in Texas. ; )

Mandi said...

Loving the new pic of you on your blog, and way to go on the WW progress. I have some really great recipes I will have to get to you!

Rebecca said...

Ok, I'll stop complaining when it gets down to the low 20s at night here! :) That's a heat wave in comparison, isn't it? So we're having door troubles as well but not because of ice. Our doorknob decided to break and so now we can't come in or out the front door. Our garage door is going to get a lot of use until we can replace it this weekend. Glad you got yours taken care of. Now if only warming up the weather could be as easy....

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll get in touch with you real quick to get your address.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Awww that is so sweet! I bet you do feel better!


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