Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tweak Tweak

Are you ready for some of my decor? I've been working on redecorating our living room. I just haven't been totally satisfied with it and am constantly...as they say...tweaking. Here are a few tweaks.

This is our corner fire place. My sister bought me the lamp for Christmas. I just love it on the fireplace bc we have no overhead lighting and that end of the room needed some light. As you can see, I HAVE A WINDOW. I have wanted a window for oh so so long. My dad remodeled his garage and actually was going to throw this window away but my mom rescued it for me. I just love it to bits! The hurricane jar was from our wedding. I had used rubons to form the phrase around the vase. We lit the candle and it was used a rememberance candle for those we had lost along the way. Now it sits on my fireplace. As you can very well see.

I had all of these little holes in my wall. They are holes from drywall screws that you use to anchor things to the wall...like shelves. And in my haste to paint my room green instead of powder blue, I didn't fill in the holes. So there I had these holes staring at me every time I watched tv. What's a girl to do? Hang some barn stars! I first painted them out white. I originally hung each of the three up in their respective colors - brown, black and white. The white color looked the best so a painting they shall go. And did. I just stuck nails into the holes and hung the stars. I so like the placement! Hooray for the holes! As you can see, I was watching Law and Order: SVU. That sock on top of the tv? The dogs sock. They were fighting over it and where else should it go? Of course on top of the borrowed 13 inch tv with broken bunny ears.

My daddy built me this cupboard for Christmas. I was so ridiculously excited about it! I had a few different places I wanted to put it but for maximum viewing pleasure, it went in my living room. Inside it holds all of our DVD's and the bottom shelf is housing some books that have yet to be put into a bookshelf that I may or may not refinish. Isn't this cupboard a beauty??

So those are tweaks I've got going on right now. There are many more in that room...I just haven't photographed them yet. I'm by no means a gifted decorator but I sure do love sprusing up my home. Isn't it so fun?


Nancy said...

Miss Canadian Pie, I love it! Love the green walls! And the stars are so pretty! Tweeking? That's like Laundry...it never ends! lol :) Blessings, nancy

Holly said...

Love, love, love the window! I have a similar one. And your dad's cupboard is gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Looks great! I'm confused as to why you didn't want to stick w/powder blue tho :S
I love the shelf your dad built. I'm jealous. I need my dad to build me one now!
AND you should go buy some more barn stars and modge podge them for the different seasons so you can change it up every holiday - so fun!!!

Mandi said...

It looks great! The green is awesome. No wonder you were excited to paint! That window is cool, but that cupboard your dad made is incredible! So special that he MADE it for you.

the undomesticated wife said...

I love the green!

Sherri S said...

I have a window in my living room TOO! I just LOVE it. Makes me smile.


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