Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Visit Into the Dog Kennel

Have you ever just had one of those way crazy goofy hello world here I am a nutjob moments? I wish I had a photo to back this up. But I sort of "undid" myself from the situation before I could prove just how wack-job sometimes I am.

Two nights ago my darling husband and I were talking. I said that I kind of wanted our little dog, Bee, to sleep with us in our bed. She's not so little...well, unless you consider 40 pounds of dog little. Here's a photo of her...well a sort of photo of her.

Well, through that conversation somehow it turned to Shane should sleep on the couch, then he should sleep in Bee's kennel. Then it went to me sleeping in her kennel...please don't even ask me to remember how this all transpired.

In the midst of conversation, Shane told me that I wouldn't fit in her kennel. Not in a 'hey you tubby' kind of way but in a way that suggests that it's a dog kennel and humans don't belong in there. Well what did I do? I'm afraid so. [Here is a photo of the dog kennel we have - we just don't have the side door installed on our kennels.]

I folded my 5'3" self into a little ball and climbed on in! Took all of 2.2 seconds to get in there. Now getting out was another story. My hips got stuck! There certainly was no room to back that thang up and turn around. No, I had to get out the same way I came in. My bum had to head on out first. But my hips! They weren't gonna go through!

I started to panic as I had no idea how I'd get out of this kennel.

Then my brain kicked into gear and I just lifted one hip up a bit and angeled it on outa there. Then hip number two. Thank goodness I don't have more than two hips! And shooom, I was out!

Oh how I wish I had a photo to show you. But then again....perhaps I don't want that surfing around the internet. I think the story is enough.


Mandi said...

You are crazy! I have a pretty good visual of the situation, but I would love a pic for a good laugh! Where's the camera when you need it?

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh how I wish you had a picture! I guess the visual I'm thinking of will have to be enough. Thanks for that!


the undomesticated wife said...

HA!! That is so funny! Reminds me of the way I happened to take a taste of a milk bone. ;) Which taste like crackers, if you ever wanted to know. LOL

What a cute little doggie face!


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