Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wacky Weather

We had some pretty strange weather phenomina here in the past two days. Last night, I looked out of the window only to see RED clouds! These photos do no justice to the bright redness that there was in the sky. I didn't even use the flash on my camera!

I told Shane that it seemed that we were in for a storm.

Well, I didn't realize that it would be a SNOWSTORM!!

This is what was outside my door this morning. It was even snowing on our way to church. Good gravy! It's almost June!

Here's to hoping that your day is filled with strange and unusual occurances. Hehe, just kidding!


Stephanie said...

GROSS!! Today is DEFINITELY the last day it can do that.. because tomorrow it will be June and snow is not allowed in June.

Tracey said...

Oh Mandi.. I can't believe it snowed!!! What's up with that??? We've had a lot of rain and lots of clouds, but no snow..ick!! Hope you had a great day and that your upcoming week is great.. take care!

Barb said...

Well the clouds are pretty too look at but very strange weather for sure! Hopefully now it is out of the system and will give you only warm weather for a couple of months, at least until Fall :>)! Have a great day!

Cyn said...

yikes!!!!! It was COLD COLD COLD here (for May) this morning and stayed chilly all day but we sure didn't get any snow, thank goodness! How far up north are you? I am in London, Ontario.

Lucy Marie said...

Eek! I heard about all the white fluff you northerners were getting this weekend. It was strange here this weekend too - Friday and Saturday were both gorgeous days until the evening. Both days, it was sunny and warm and then it got dark and cloudy and started thunder storming very quickly. But, I will admit, I'd take the thunderstorms over snowstorms!

the undomesticated wife said...

Whoa! That's nuts! I have a pic on my latest blog post that's very similar. I'd say we had the same storm if it weren't for you being in CA and me being in TX! LOL

Jennifer said...

Wow that is crazy weather!!! I can't even begin to imagine snow in June - since it doesn't even snow here in the winter to begin with. Enjoy some of that cooler weather for me though. The heat is killer here!

Small House said...

Well that must have been depressing!!! Last year it snowed on the last day of school. There just has to be something wrong with that. HOPEFULLY, it has warmed up, and the flowers are happy.

Holly said...

Now that's just wrong!

Tonya said...

SNOW...WHAT?????? That's just crazy! Is it normal to get snow in June up there?

Things are going pretty well here in KS. No offers on the house yet, but we've had several very interested lookers. Another open house this Sunday...praying for an offer!

How 'bout you? What's been goin' on in your neck of the woods?


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