Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Head to Kimba's!

Can you believe this? Lewa Designs is offering an amazing giveaway. Head on over to Kimba's to check it out. And please scroll all the way to the bottom for the chance to get a your choice of a catipillar, birdie or baseball vinyl wall art. I mean, wow!! I'm so incredibly excited about this.

I so wish I had a laptop because I would be adding this, post haste!

Check out Kimba's for the details and then head on over to Lewa Designs. You can visit her etsy or website. Woot woot!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think those decals are so neat!

Small House said...

I think I saw these. If it's what I'm thinking, there was a seeded dandelion, and the seeds were blowing away....ANYWAY, I liked that one a lot.

Have a good one.

koralee said...

very cute house you have...i really love the pink and so sweet...don't change another much character...would be so fun to photograph..found your lovely blog through simply b and so glad i did!


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