Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Waiting On Pretty

Have you ever wanted to organize something so badly but you didn't have the right container? Or the cute basket? Or even a few matching baskets? Does it put your organizing on hold? For me, it can be paralyzing. I will put off the project completely until I have the supplies that I want to get the job done. I mean, can I really have an organized pantry unless I have matching baskets??

I'm letting that paralasys go.

I've put off far too many organizing projects around my home because if it wasn't going to be "perfect" then I just didn't want to even attempt it. Oh sure, I'll line up my canned goods or neatly stack my magazines, but what I really want is for it too look perfect. I have visions of walking through the Container Store with an unlimited budget to satisfy my organizational needs.

But I'm letting that dream go. Let's face it, ain't gonna happen.

So the thing is this. I'm going around my home and I'm going to organize. My containers may not be cute. My baskets may not match. But I'm going to get it organized. You see, often times when we get that "let's get it organized" bug, we rush to the nearest Target and load up on baskets and bins to take care of our clutter problem. Only to come home, stuff that junk in the bins and tuck it all away. We may not have purged properly. Or grouped like items together. Or catagorized. We may not even have bought enough containers in the first place because we have yet to organize the mess. Or maybe we bought too many and that requires a trip back to the store, hauling those bins out of your car, into the store, waiting in line to do said return - ugh, it's exhausting just to think about!

I started my organizing today.

Today I said "no more".

Is it fantastic looking? No. Is it my dream organization? No. Do I wish that all of the junk was behind closed doors? Yes. But it's done. And organized.

And I'm one step closer to gaining my home back.

I will not let my space rule me. I will rule my space.

So what organizing projects have you put off lately?


Jennifer said...

I am so like that! Right now I have a couple baskets on my list of things to buy this weekend for organizational purposes. I feel like it won't look nice if it's not pretty! I'm glad there's another of me out there!

I may give organizing a try without the pretty. (o;

McMom said...

This sounds just like me! And I managed to keep this up through two children. Then the third one came along . . . he cured me of it. Haha! But I know exactly what you're talking about.

Stephanie said...

ohhhh how about my girls' closet?! AAHHHHH!!!!! My problem is more: if I organize this space, then I should really organize that space to help the stuff from the other place fit into the original "this" space. Quite overwhelming.. but I too started the TASK yesterday and it is nice. I also find just doing one thing a day (one of those things that will actually stay done for a while) really makes a huge difference too!

Sarah said...

Awesome post, Mandi! This is exactly what troubles me when it comes to organizing...and thus, why nothing is organized in my house. I never know how to go about the process...do I go out and buy 5 little cute boxes for storing paper (which I did) then come home and hope all my paper fits? (No it doesn't! Urghhh.) So then do I buy more boxes? Try something new? What if I get it organized in all cute containers and then find out none of it is actually functioning how I want it to?! I'm proud of you for putting an end to it...I think you have inspired me:) Thanks!

Small House said...

Wish I was home organizing. GOOD FOR YOU!

Mandi Shandi said...

Hey friend!! I am so sorry that I have been so out of touch lately. I got your Christmas wishes and appreciate you so very much. Things are hopefully starting to calm down around my house and I'll be able to start blogging again. Thanks for not giving up on me. By the way, I totally put off organizing until I find the perfect containers. You have inspired me to do otherwise!

Anonymous said...


debra said...

You are not alone! Have you ever read "Organizing from the Inside Out" by Julie Morgenstern? It's a great book and she says we need to NOT go out and buy the totes, baskets, etc until we know exactly what we need and get the right sizes. I know it makes sense but it's so hard for me!

Congrats on getting organized!

Sarah said...

Wonderful, TRUTHFUL post. Thanks, I needed that kick in the tail! ;>
God's blessings, Sarah :D

bec4 said...

You go girl! Please join my first linky party--I'd love to have you :)!

Holly said...

Oh, I can so relate! My philosophy has always been "if it's not going to be perfect, why bother?" (ha ha, maybe I should make that my blog motto!)
Good for you for breaking free!


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